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Newbie gains slowing, help me tweak my routine.


Congrats, once again on the gains, and keep up the good work.

As far as ADS recommendations:

Monkeybar (Autoextender) Makes some awesome products. His vac-hanger/vac ADS is much more comfortable, and easy to use than the BIB, and his ADS systems;( Auto ADS and now his AutoXleeve), just cant be beat . I started using the former 3 months ago, and just got the auto xleeve 1 month ago. I’ve been wearing them for 8 to 12 hours/day after my workout.

I credit these for getting me out of a slight slump and finally hitting the 8 inch BPEL mark.

More importantly, I was always, I thought a grower. My flaccid was usually around 3.5-4 inches; if it was hot out, I could coax it to 5. After 9 months of intense PE, I increased these numbers an inch to between 5 and 6 inches. I’m astonished to find this week, that after stretching, my flaccid hangs down at 7 inches.Absolutely fucking amazing, to barely be 6 inches erect 9 months ago, and look down between your legs at a 7 inch flaccid snake,pointing straight to the ground.

By the way, I like the Blue sleeve best, with the embedded weight and often use the yellow sleeve to sleep in, though I usually take it off in the middle of the night.


Congrats yourself-it sounds like your gains have been nothing less than amazing. I had always felt like I was quite a grower too, and I have been elated to add so much to my flaccid.
The AutoXleeve seems to be getting rave reviews in the PE community. I am anxious to get started with ADS, but I have been wary of the idea of using ADS while sleeping. Do you take your ADS off at night because of circulation issues, or some other reason?

I’m deathly afraid of waking up with a dead gangrenous penis, but feel that the auto xleeve is probably fairly safe and much safer than anything else regarding this. It’s more that I wake up and have to pee and am afraid I wont be able to get back to sleep with it on. Or wake up, and take it off, so it will be easier to get back to sleep. So much of my day theres something hanging on my dick 3 hours of extender and 10 hours of ADS, it feels like the skin needs a chance to breathe without something constantly encircling it.


How long did it take you to ramp up to 10 hours of ADS? Would you ADS more if feasible? It seems like a lot of guys think of ADS as a “the more, the better” type of thing. What do you think?

Just started ADSing in December. I bought golf weights, but I’m scared too death of them getting stuck (the problem with having a 6.1 EG) and so havent used them.

Monkeybars Auto ADS is very stealthy. I wear it over his Anti-turtle sleeve, so it’s very comfortable. His Auto xleeve with the 5 oz weight, is the bomb, but not as stealthy. Both of these can be easily worn all day, as long as you take breaks every hour or two to pee, and readjust. With the regular cap, you can sleep in it.

I really buy into the theory that you should never let it turtle. I used to spend hours with the extender on, then jelq and stretch; and then afterwards watch it shrink down into nothingness again. This just makes a lot of sense from a physiological point of view.


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