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Newbie Gains. Feedback anyone

Newbie Gains. Feedback anyone

Hi, this is my first posting here, I have been reading posts for the past couple months and finally 4 weeks ago I starting my PE venture. I wanted to post my results here and see if they seem normal to anyone, better or worse.
I originally bought a vacuum pump about 2 years ago, used it for about 6 months and developed a small ring I would call it on the left side right below the glans, so I freaked and stopped it all together. I only gained a small amount and it definitely was not permanent. So needless to say I was looking for a better alternative.

These are my measurements before:
6 3/8in BPEL
5in EG
4 3/8in FL
4 1/4in FG

I began exactly 4 weeks ago with the following routine.. I might add that I do my entire routine in the shower and usually takes about 20 minutes. I do everyday except Saturday and Wednesday.

2 minute warm-up: I take the shower head off and spray directly on it with hot water.
Basic stretches: I do a 4-way stretch and hold each for 20 secs, up, down, left, right.
100 back-hand jelqs: I do 4 sets of 25. I keep constant tension with both hands and in between each set I let the shower run on it for about 10 sec.
2 handed power-stretch 5 reps: I stretch straight out with both hands, each rep is held for 20 seconds, and last five seconds I perform a kegel and hold it.
2 minute warm-down.

So I measured today as I have committed to measuring every 4 weeks and I have seen pretty decent results. I’m now at:
7 1/4 BPEL
5 1/4 EG
5 3/8 FL
4 1/4 FG

I think overall I am very satisfied with my gains in length, although not as much can be said for the girth. So that will be my goal for my new routine is to add one more girth exercise and see where that takes me. Any suggestions on favorite girth exercises? Thanks

Wow man, you would be crazy not to be satisfied with those results. Assuming you measured correctly (at the same time and using the same form of measurement) those are tremendous newbie gains. It takes a lot of people months or even years to gain an inch in length.. And a quarter inch in girth is nothing to laugh at because as everyone knows girth gains aren’t easy to come by.

I would say keep up the routine you are doing now until gains stop for a while. Maybe add some clamping or something if your really concerned with girth, but so far so good.

You didn’t measure post-workout the second time did you? Because that could skew results if you didn’t measure that way the first time.

Anyways.. Keep up the good work and let me know how things keep unfolding for you. I am in the same boat as you, with almost the same exact starting stats, but I am not as far into my PE career as you are. I would be ecstatic to have results even close to yours.


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Thanks for the encouragement. As far as measuring goes, I made sure to do it in the exact same spot. And no I didn’t do any PE today as it was my day off. Nothing special there. It’s definately encouraged me to stick with it though, it’s hard to see the physical gains because you’re looking at your dick every single day, but the other day when I got out of the shower my girlfriend really noticed how low I was hangin’. She was laughing about it actually, asking why it was so huge. I’ll take that as a compliment. :-) She doesn’t know, and doesn’t need to know. I’ll just tell her it’s magic!

Pleased to hear about your gains.

It’s not uncommon for such newbie gains, but be warned that after some time the gains will get a lot harder to achieve.

I myself gained about an inch very quickly at the beginning but now have to work a lot harder to achieve gains.


That sounds really great :-) gives me hope. I have have only been jelqing for a week now so no visual results yet.
But I sure hope that I can write about positive gains soon. However I do feel some change in the member and I’m sure it’s gonna

Keep up the “hard” work

I was definitely hoping for quick gains but before I started the goal I had in mind was 8 1/2in BPEL and 6in EG. The goal is to make that in 2 years so that is roughly an inch a year, I’m already halfway there so even if it takes me 2 years to hit my goal, I’ll be happy. Something tells me it won’t take me quite that long to get to my length goal, however I am going to focus more on girth since something tells me that will be a bit tougher to get to.

Those are some great gains in just 4 weeks. I wish I can gain as much as you in my first month. Good luck reaching your goal.

Damn, those are some accomplishments that I will have to match :D BTW, is it constant? Do you always have those gains and not revert to your orginal state?

When you do those jelqs, how hard are you? I find it hard to keep it on a constant state, it always rises or lowers, so I might not get a constant schedule. Do you have the shower on the whole time you are jelqing? I think having hot water on your body might help in keeping a constant % of erection while I do the jelqs; how long do you rest inbetween jelq sets? With or w/o lubes?

4/49 2005, Filipino guy starting PE quest! Current stats: 5.5"L X 5.0"G X 2"Width(6in when bone pressed but I don't count that ;) ) Short term Goal: 6"L X 5.5"G X 2.3"W Long Term Goal: 8" X 6.0"G X 2.5"W I WILL BECOME HUNG SOMEDAY!

Nice to hear, that you made such gains.

I began last year in November with PE. I have results too, but not as much as you.

Welcome to thunders

Incredible gains….keep up the work. By christmas you’ll be hung like a horse if you gain that way.


Thanks for all the support guys, to answer some of your questions necron:

So far I have not reverted back at all, the only thing that varies is my flacid state, to that I mean that sometimes I can’t even go completely flacid, however the last measurements I took I was as flacid as I could get. Most of the time it seems that I am in a semi-aroused state. When I do jelqs, I start out flacid, just a little loose from stretching first, and after about 10 reps I will get as much blood in it as I will keep the entire time.. Probably about 50-60% hard. I do my entire routine in the shower as that is my only time I get by myself. (I have a 1 year old son) But I don’t have the water running on my dick the whole time. I don’t use any lube, just a little body wash so it isn’t totally dry. After each set I let the water run on it for about 10 seconds and then continue. I started yesterday doing a variation on my stretches, when I stretch I do a kegel for each second I stretch up to 30 seconds, so I get in 30 kegels for each direction I pull it. I felt some serious stretch in the ligaments, something I didn’t feel before. But I think after that I am going to stick with the rest of the routine until I hit a plateau.

Most impressive. I’ve gotten quick gains like that also and consider myself extremely blessed for it. Keep up the routine and you can’t go wrong! I’m proof!

Is it really necessary to show that thing to everyone? Yes, yes it is.

Started 03/14/05: FL: 3.2 - FG: 4.25 - EL: 5.75 - EG: 5.25 |8===> Update 06/16/05: FL: 4.5 - FG: 4.9 - EL: 7.0 - EG: 5.65

Here are the pics.

Nice stats, what type of routine have you been doing?

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