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Newbie gains approx how much

Newbie gains approx how much

I’m just wondering what the average length and girth gains are for the newbie routine. After 2 years or so on and off, and more recently steady as of early spring, I’ve gained maybe 5/8” in length, and 1/8 to 1/4 in girth. I haven’t gone on three hour a day tears yet, but I’ve been spending 20 minutes between jelqing and stretching. I’m so damn close to 7 1/2 NBP. I want to be a bit past so I can round up to 8 though. 1/4 more girth will put me at 6” This could take years more due to family and privacy issues.

Keep on plugging bro everyone gains different, if you have privacy issues you may want to add some kind of stealthy ADS to your routine.

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Keep on going, you will find real gains come a lot later rather than sooner.

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