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Newbie gains and how I got them

Newbie gains and how I got them

I have gained between .75~1” in length gains since November 20, 2010. Granted my starting size was 5” EL and my girth was somewhere in the vicinity of 3.5”, I believe I have quite a large amount of ‘hidden penis’. Now I am easily sitting on top of 6”EL, 6.3~6.4” BPEL, 3.75” girth, and 7” BPFSL. My flaccid hang gained literally about 2”, sitting at 3.5~4”.

Like a dirtbag I didn’t take any starting pictures. I am honest, however.

Let me start off by saying I’ve been taking my penis to the limit - I believe this is where I can attribute most of my gains ALTHOUGH I don’t recommend it. I have been taking no rest days unless something sporadic comes up, which has only been maybe 5 days since I began. I have been exercising at least an hour each of these days.

I begin with the streams of borderline scolding water from my shower hammering on my pubic region, then I start to pull back on what little of a fat pad I have and let the water hit my ligaments more directly. After that I grab a ruler and perform around 10-15 flaccid stretches until I reach or pass my prior length stretch. Warming up is about 10 minutes of my workout.

Immediately after I have blood circulation back in my unit I do some intense between the cheek stretches - I believe they are called fowfers - at ALL angles behind my legs. (I personally thing this is where I fatigue my ligs the most) Then I perform the simple stretches at ALL angles. When stretching at these angles I set goals, such as I want to stretch as far as I can to my knee, or as far as I can to my belly button. Stretching is about 20-25 minutes of my workout.

After this I lightly wet jelq until I have the blood flowing again and work myself up to more intense jelqs anywhere from 50-90%. I do not use a very firm grip, but I vary my grip every other jelq - from an OK grip to a scissor like index and middle finger grip that I horizontally and vertically. I jelq EVERY direction possible, and often pull back on my fat pad by locating my ligs attached to my pubic bone with two fingers and pulling back as much as possible. Jelqing is about 30-35 minutes of my workout.

After I finish my wet jelqs (making sure I have maximum blood flow in my penis) I grab a towel and firmly press it against my balls - then I shake my penis from side to side (lightly) while it is engorged with blood. May sound funny but hey, I’ve gained.

I wouldn’t have known any of this was possible if it wasn’t for this website, and I am eternally grateful for the innovators of these techniques and the people who keep this site running. There is no price for my increased confidence and the fact I can hit bottom on most angles with my girlfriend now; I will continue until I reach at least 7.5” in EL. I plan on using some ADS or a hanger in the near future. -Spelunker

Congrats Spelunker! Don’t hurt yourself my friend!

Congrats Spelunker, The ruler stretch is a awesome technique.

Newbies should not be doing 90% erect jelqs. Not sure ANYBODY should be doing that, it is a great way to injure yourself.

I would also drop the scalding water warm-up.

Fowfers = take your flaccid, pull it back between your butt crack and sit on it. It is a very gentle passive stretch, apparently mostly for flaccid length gains. Fow has a video somewhere. If I can track it down, I’ll post a link.


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