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For example, I spent a month measuring several days a week to come up with my starting stats.

My measurements are done the same way every time, and I double, triple, quadruple check them each time I measure.

And I do not count a gain until I have seen it consistently for many days in a row.

Hello, I thought you might want a two month newbie to add his points.
I have read many measuring threads, but I wished I had read those words by sta-kool when I started out. I think I have made some false gains, and I´m still trying to get consistent.

I learned to only measure once a month, and I understand that, so you do not get obsessed with the numbers.
But the Newbie should be advised to measure perhaps at least once or twice daily for a week to get his consistency down, much like sta-kool did.

I only took one measure in December one in January, now in Feb I´m starting to see gains, but also noticing my inconsistency.

I thought I had a full erection, shiny glans etc, but It could still be a tad soft and be 0,5-1cm less in both girth and length.

My hip angle makes a large impact om my length, even if I stand with my back against a wall, if I tight my butt, lower back against the wall etc, length varies a lot.

My missed points besides, vertical ruler, standing etc.
- Measure very often in the beginning.
- Get an absolutely 100% erection.
- Hip angle.