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Newbie from the UK

Newbie from the UK

Evening, well morning now (Standard UK Time) forum dwellers!

I have joined this fine forum to give myself a challenge, to gain an extra inch and a quarter to my penis. I am not great with acronym’s but I currently measure when erect in length 6.25”. Now, I am not sure where to measure girth when erect; I have measured round the base at roughly 6” and the middle of shaft at 5”. I need a few pointers (pun intended) to know about gaining the girth in relation to the length. I don’t want my unit to look out of proportion.

Just to let you know, I got out of a rocky relationship back in May after three years. She did get a bit bat-shit crazy for my go with the flow attitude. I did acquire a lady friend not too long ago but she buggered off to Australia after three weeks of bliss back in August. I am not looking to extend the size of my manhood to impress the ladies, I am very happy with the size to be honest. If I can grow it bigger out of curiosity, then so be it!

I am a forum user elsewhere, a cigar forum and a bass guitar forum, so activity will be far and few between as I also have a busy schedule in real life too. I will try my best at participating / updating my growing diary but am more of a frequent visitor on my cigar forum (love the stogies and pipe banter too much!). Contrary to my hobbies, I am not a big guy, waist is only 30 inches and I stand at 5’9”. Eating right and working loads keeps the weight down. Just a healthy 28 year old with some weird hobbies!

A couple of questions - will the gain in length/girth affect its flaccid state? Also, I tried to perform a search to find acronym’s for everything but came up with nada. A link or stickie maybe? Maybe I am searching wrong?

One more thing, sorry if I come across like I am intentionally throwing puns and creating silly names for my penis, that is what happens when you spend two years in an invite only forum where anything goes, pretty lawless but hopefully everyone can see I mean well. Happy growing everyone! Also, is swearing OK to use? Silly question I know, but I have already done it above you see. Mods, delete/amend where applicable please, thats if you have managed to get this far without passing out from sheer boredom of my lengthy intro.

Good morning fine sir and welcome to our humble abode. Please don’t put your feet on the furniture, it’s not that kind of place.

Make sure you understand measurement before you start. If you are measuring badly, you won’t know if you are gaining (it’s a slow process).

>will the gain in length/girth affect its flaccid state?<

Yes, you may also turn from a grower into a shower.

>I tried to perform a search to find acronym’s for everything but came up with nada.<

The abbreviations like BPEL etc. should appear underlined. Hovering should expand. Here’s a list of penis enlargement abbreviations though.

Forum Guidelines should explain how to behave. There are many people who can’t be fucked to read them and end up with a short stay or mods shouting at them.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Thank you memento. Forum guidelines fully noted and shoes are off! I will peruse the threads for research before I start stretching my Johnson too.

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