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newbie feedback

newbie feedback

hey guys!

I started jelqing 3 weeks ago and was amazed at how big the end of my penis got. The next day I was alittle swollen just below my glans and had a little red spot on my glans. The second time i did it for 15 minutes a little more intensely at about 60 to 70 erect and at about 12 minutes i noticed a vein on my glans (underneath) begin to bulge out but i felt no pain. I kinda got worried but instead of stopping i just loosened my grip a little and kept going. when my preset 15 minutes was up i stopped and stood in front of the mirror admiring my self!!:) the end of my penis was huge again! Anyways the next day i was way swollen untill the afternoon and that night my girl gave me head.after i came i didnt lose one iota of hardness! she thought i was finished as usual and kinda laid back next to me as if to go to sleep. after like 5 minutes i was still hard as a rock!! anyways i ended up pounding that thing for some great sex and came again and after that it did finally go down. that has never happened to me in my lfe!

yeah ive put it back in half limp but ive never stayed rock hard after coming.

im staying away from the tape untill it looks bigger to me but only after 3 weeks i can say that pe has definitely benifited my sex life!!! after i can measure size gains y’all better beleive i’ll be here to brag!!! on on a “on one day off one day jelqing routine” right now. thanks thunder!!!!

First, Welcome aboard.

Second, read the Forum Guidelines

Third, read my previous sentence again.

Forth, you have already seen some of the benefits of PE. I’m sure your GF is delighted.


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