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Newbie dry routine

Newbie dry routine

Hey fellas
I’ve been a member and reader here for a long time,, this is my first post tho.
I have tried the newbie routine for some time and it was ok for me. But not easy to do in my living situation.
I read about the dry ‘sandwich’ technique and tried it and felt almost immediate results so I want to stay with this technique.
My EQ was rock hard after trying this. I can tell this is the way to go.
No tiredness or pain after this method while the other one I did.
Does anyone have a good recommendation for a full routine with this technique.

I am starting at just over 6.75” BPEL and my goal is 7.5”

Thanks to this forum for all the great tips I have learned a lot and I know I can reach my goal with the help here.


Where did you read about the “dry sandwich technique”?

What the heck is the” Dry Sandwich” technique?

I think his talking about dry jelqs?

I don't settle for meritocracy

Sorry for the confusion mates I mean what RB is talking about in this post-

Dry Jelq

Originally Posted by Stamina Man
What the heck is the” Dry Sandwich” technique?

I never heard of “dry sandwich” either!!

Have you got any article or link of this technique?

Is hard to help or suggest a thing if we can’t get what you means.

I caused a lot of confusion here I did. Sorry fellas.

I thought you lot would recognize it if I called it that because of this - RB - Dry Jelq - post. After reading the thread - Dry Jelq it looks to be quite effective yeah?

I am asking if there’s a recommended whole routine with that technique, startin from a warmup and all that.

Cheers mates

Replacing wet jelqs with dry jelqs is ok, IMO. Just do a lower number, because dry are way more intense than wet jelqs.

It is much easier to get injuries from dry jelq; build up nice and slow

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