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Newbie dry jelq question

Newbie dry jelq question

OK, so I did it for the first time last night, dry jelqing I mean
And that was my first jelq for me period
My question: when I did it, my head swelled up bigger than the videos depict
I stopped asap, but still, anyone know what I’m doing wrong,

This is also my first post

You might not be doing anything wrong, but you should be taking it easy to start off with. Since you didn’t tell us anything about how long or how hard you did your routine for, I will guess that it was just a little bit over the line. Back off a bit.

First of all, welcome to Thunders Ihavefingersx10,

Sounds like you are applying to much pressure. Just back off some and take it easy.
Personally, I prefer the wet jelg. A little messier and you need more privacy, but it is much
easier on ye ole member. I am cut so that makes a difference in my opinion, but I dry jelg, too.

Biggest things to remember are to make sure you warm up and don’t over do it.

Good luck and I hope this helps.

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OK OK, um, it’s was for less than 4 min..

I think I may try reviewing the video just the same..

I may have gotten the dry and wet routine mixed up O.o

I wouldn’t recommend dry jelq. Do wet jelq with vaseline.

Oki doki
Thanks guys

Also, I feel I was a little over erect, should I masturbate beforehand? (No pun intended)

Okay I used to wet jelq with vaseline, and it seemed great except I got a little tired of having to wash it off, and still feel like I had something on it. So I looked for an alternative lube. To use .. First tired a couple kinds of lotions, some left me scratching at my penis for days, and others just werent as good as vaseline .. However I recently started doing it in the shower with a new substance: shampoo. Yeah before you say what the hell?! Just listen .. What I do is I put the shampoo in my hair and lather it all around until it’s like foamy .. Then I collect some of it and put it off to the side. After my shower .. (My warmup) I turn the shower off and apply the foam and use that to wet jelq. I find that it works perfectly, and washes right off, without leaving any rashes or anything, and it’s so quick and convenient. Before this month I maybe did it a few times a month, and then maybe a month ago I did it for 2 weeks maybe 300-500 reps 5 times a week, and after doing it seriously for 2 weeks, I gained 1/2 and inch. I was so surprised from this that I found this site, and now plan to keep up with PE. Was just wondering if any one else does this with foamy shampoo?

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If it doesn’t hurt, you are doing it right.

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I use Aveeno, a mild oatmeal based soap, found at you local wal-mart not with the soaps but near the perfume isle. I have been doing it this way for a few years (on and off, lack of commitment) and have never had any rashes or anything. I take my shower as a warm-up then turn my back to the shower-head as I jelq, when done just rinse off. Works great.


Dry jelqing works if you have loose penis skin. If you’re circumcised and have a “tight” cut, it probably isn’t the method you should use. To understand what you’re doing with the jelq, you need to understand the anatomy. This image helps you understand that the glans (head) of the penis is not connected to the shaft by a direct blood pathway. It is attached, but only by a ligament. The thing the glans is attached to is the corpus spongiosum (CS) which is the ridge on the underside of your penis when erect. If you’re using a circular grip, you might be putting too much pressure on the CS and that can cause the glans to swell. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but you should probably concentrate the pressure on the two main erectile chambers, the corpora cavernosa (CC). An alternative method of dry jelqing is to use RB’s method which puts pressure only on the CC and not the CS at all.

Is there anyone can tell me how to watch the video?

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