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Newbie Days Off Challenge

Newbie Days Off Challenge

I am finding it very hard to take days completely off. (See “Another Ambitious Newbie” thread.)

I am going to challenge myself to take at least 7 days completely off between now and Oct. 27th.

If any other newbie wants to participate in this challenge, feel free.

Today is my first day off for this challenge. I am promising myself not to do any PE tonight.

I did it. No workout.

It wasn’t easy. I have a situation where it is easy for me to do the workouts. My wife is aware that I am doing them, so I don’t have to sneak around to do it. I just tell her I am going to do it and she says o.k.

But this makes it hard to skip a day.

My penis feels great, and so do I.

I see that you are basically telling me to watch EQ in addition to my little method, and appreciate your tact. I’ll answer anyway for those lurking.

Yes I did see better EQ. What was easier for me to notice however was the flaccid quality. It felt thicker, bigger, and all the things you describe in your “Physiologic Indicators to help Growth (PI’s)” article/thread. That information simply is a must read.

In addition it felt what I call fibrous. When I would stretch it flaccid, it would feel good, like when you work a sore muscle. It felt like it was stiff, or resisting the pull, and I was pulling that stiffness/resistance out. I know some may think I am describing an injury here, but it is not. It is more like stretching muscles after sleep, it feels good and is a small relief to do it.

Today I am taking off again. My flaccid stretched measurements are telling me to do so, and my flaccid quality is telling me as well.

It is hard to do so however, I had a very good erect measurement last night. It really can be counter intuitive to take these days off. I mean I have had three days of fairly intense routines, and then see a little bump in the measurement. So what do I do? Stop for a day.

Sept. 4, '07: BPEL 6.875 inches, EG widest 5.25

Goal: Double digits

I have always had a hard time leaving mr johnson alone when I should…and it has always been my downfall.

I’ve written the PIs and EQ because I have done all the wrong things over and over. Especially upping intensity and time when I start to get good EQ. As soon as I get any improvement, usually I respond by increasing my time and force, and were not talking a little here, were talking MAGNITUDES of increases.

What makes that so bad for me is that I fall in the sensitive category and even a small increase will be hard to take and keep good EQ.

In the past, I would push ahead and hope to “adapt” and after a while as my EQ is drifting down to outright negative PIs, I would then add Cialis.

Well, the Cialis would convince me that all was great, so I would UP THE TIME AND FORCE. Well, pretty soon, even WITH Cialis, I was only 70-80 percent hard when having sex with my wife.

I’m telling you, I’ve made all the mistakes…and to make sure I got them right, I did them over and over! :)

So anyway, the threads I’ve written are to let you guys benefit from my stupidity and hopefully the little bit of wisdom that was finally gleaned from it.

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