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Newbie continuous stretching

Newbie continuous stretching

I’m about a week and one half into PEing, so I have about 6 sessions completed. I feel better about my dong, but I don’t expect to see any significant results for a while.

I remember reading about ‘not letting it turtle”. Has anyone had any experience with continual stretching between exercises? For example, I performed NEWBIE routine yesterday and today. I will do a session tomorrow and then take the day off. I was thinking about stretching about every couple of hours throughout the day and night. Will it be beneficial to intermittently stretch throughout the day and night at this stage in the newbie routine, or do you strictly recommend doing the newbie routine, then resting with no other extracurricular activities?

Also, I feel a very slight stinging in my left ligament (my short ligament as compared to the right) after my routine. Do most people feel this (it isn’t really uncomfortable)? Or is this a sign of danger?

Hey bwlwhulka, congrats on getting started. At first I experienced the turtle dick after workouts. You should read about fowfers if you haven’t already, I sleep while fowfering and also fowfer while I do my homework.

As for the stinging, I don’t know what to tell you.


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