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Newbie: Comprehensive Routine

Newbie: Comprehensive Routine

Hi, yea I’ve only been doing this whole PE thing for the last 4 days but I’m really interested in getting into things ASAP.

I’ve been doing as much reading as possible, and I want to put together a routine combining stretches, jelqs, and kegels. I’m going to wait on hanging because I really don’t have the time/privacy for it at the college I’m going to.

I have about an hour, maybe an hour and a half available per day. I’m very ambitious about what I want my gains to be. I started off just doing as many kegels as I could in a day, and when I got my free time I would do the recommended amount of jelqiing for newbies, but I found that even after 4 days I have absolutely no soreness so I think I can up the intensity a little.

The routine I want to put together involves combining:

-JAI Stretches
-DLD Blasters

I could use some advice on what a good starting routine would be, i.e. when to do these and how many reps of each, then what I should build up to. I’m looking for both length AND girth. I figure I could do the JAI stretches at other points during the day if it’d help, since those don’t require much free time.

I have a bunch of other questions on this whole subject, but I’ll save them so I can focus on setting a routine. Thanks in advance for any help, and keep up the good work!!!

I know I need to pace myself and work up to a certain level, but as it is now I feel I want to do as much as my body can handle while still getting optimal gains. I’ll going on 5 days a week and off 2.


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So it sounds like you’re conscious of the need to monitor yourself and break your dick in. That’s good. Or, actually, don’t take that too literally and break your dick.

But one thing I’d add is V stretching. DLD Blasters are usually A stretches; JAIs are usually done without any fulcrum, I think. So you need to come at your ligs from the top too.

A simple V stretch: with the V between your thumb and index finger of one hand, press down on the top of the base of your dick. Grab the shaft of your dick with the other hand and pull up hard. I do most of my Vs with the assistance of a cable stretcher or a piece of PVC pipe.

I should ask: do you know your LOT?

Thanks for the advice so far.

No, I’m totally new to PE for the most part. I don’t understand NBP etc.., nor do I understand LOT though I do know what it stands for…

Okay, well…go to the Main Member forum and read through the two threads on LOT stuck near the top of the list. If you have questions after that check back in.


Well I think I did it right.

I’m disoriented as far as what the actual orientation of the clock I should be going by is.

My Tugback becomes slighter when it’s between perpendicular to my body (that’d be either 3, or 9 o’clock depending on how you look at it), but after that all the way down to 6 o’clock it’s normal again. Does that sound right?

I’ll post my measurements later on in this thread when I have a chance to do them, for now I’ll just attach my routine outline, any advice would be appreciated. Note that I’m also taking a day off of today because I went twice yesterday since the first session didn’t go too well.

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Alright…my length BPE is 6.0” and my EG is 4.5” (I think- used a string, had no measuring tape). Does the routine I attached in the above post seem appropriate?

Looks pretty good to me. Hmm, but what do I know? I’m a newbie as well. From what I’ve read though its more important to be consistent than have the “perfect routine” anyways. Good luck! :)

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