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Newbie Calling out. I'm Desperate Please Respond

i dunno man this other girl im dating is a complete nympho, but only with me, she would do it 3+ times a day if we had time, those girls are rare, stick with it if you’re not looking for long term lol

Ha Ha,

Isn’t it the truth though dugie? I’m renting 3 hotel rooms after proms over so the party can continue.. 2 rooms for everyone else and she suggested I get my own room. She said after her and I have had our fun together she’s bringing in another girl named Courtney. So there’s your answer if she’s really a nympho or not guys. Also, she lives about 2 or 3 hours away so she’s kind of hard to get too. LOL.. Oh, and about the reason for the gains.. I mean come on, what guy doesn’t dream about a bigger dong? I wasn’t incredibly worried about it until I met and started talking to her. She truly is crazy. Craziest thing she’s done is a 4 some with 1 guy. She says she just likes sex. So I just want to be up to her standards because I’m sure she has had big guys before you know? LOL, I told her that I think I’d give her an hour or 2’s worth of foreplay before we do anything else and I told her that I think I’ll be pretty good at it. Then she goes “Good, because if you’re not, I’ll teach you much!” yeah, that made me drop my jaw a little bit. Well thanks for all the advise though guys. I’ll definitely post results if they come along and when the big night gets here. Still give any advise on your favorite length gainers or any advise on how I should go about.. Her lol. Peace

Hey even better news! Found out that proms not in March as I thought it was, but in May! That’s an extra 2 months! Can I get an amen? Prayers are answered.. And miracles do exist especially if my dong gets to be 7 X 5.5

Thanks for all the help again guys and the welcome.


Luka - I am going to make a real leap from reading your post and guess that you are pretty inexperiienced sexually. Go ahead and start a routine, but don’t bank on it making a huge difference in you dick in the time you have available or in how much fun you have with this girl in one night. Pick up a book on pleasing a woman sexually. There is only so much you can learn this way, but it might give you a head start. Don’t start getting too excited. If you build this up into the end all and be all, there is a really good chance you will end up with performance anxiety and under perform when the big event comes. Chill. Have fun with it. Right now it sounds like you are already inside your own head and worried that you won’t be able to pull it off.

You might also try another thing. Subscribe to a hard core amateur site - ( as examples). What you will find is that there are a lot of guys with average to small cocks who not only are hooking up with hot looking women, but have made the leap to documenting it in photos and sharing it on the net.

Summary - You have a normal cock. It is more than enough to make her eyes roll back in her head if you make an effort at it. Make that your goal.

I’m not really worried about my performance really, I have the feeling that I’ll do at least OK.. (LOL, hopefully great).. I’m just wanting it to be special for her too.. I want her to be satisfied you know? I’m not so much worried about myself, because I’m pretty sure I’ll be satisfied having sex with a gorgeous girl with a perfect body and 36 D’s. Who wouldn’t? I’m mainly concerned about her, cus well, I like her a lot! LOL, thanks for the advise.


Don’t spend the next few months thinking about what your size will be that night, big trouble man. PE, but see the extra size gain as just extra size on top of what you need to do her right (which is true based on your stats).

Also, try to get laid as much as possible in the next few months. Sounds like you have an awesome night ahead of you (wish it was me! lol), a little experience will go a very long way. good luck

btw, you’re planning on getting into that 3-some a virgin?? You’re a brave soldier lol. I think I would need to make sure I’m cool with 1 on 1 before attempting something like that. But hey, you’ll have a losing-my-virginity story that you’ll be able to brag about the rest of your life!!!

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If I were you I’d work on your sexual technique and how you’re going to last with her let alone two girls. If you’re worrying about this now, imagine the anticipation when that night rolls around. I don’t know about the other guys here but my first time I didn’t last all that long. Luckily my girlfriend was a virgin also so she really didn’t know any different. She would have been pretty disappointed if she was experienced though.

Originally Posted by Bfte2005
If I were you I’d work on your sexual technique and how you’re going to last with her let alone two girls. If you’re worrying about this now, imagine the anticipation when that night rolls around. I don’t know about the other guys here but my first time I didn’t last all that long. Luckily my girlfriend was a virgin also so she really didn’t know any different. She would have been pretty disappointed if she was experienced though.

No kidding. My first time I thought I would be worried about my size but as soon as I felt a little of that warm slipperiness I lost my mind and then my load with but a second in between.

Dude, let me say it again even though it’s already been said a few times. Don’t spend every waking hour thinking about how well you’ll perform because if you do you might end up going limp and that just sucks. The first time I had the opportunity to get with a girl I had built it up so much in my mind, I couldn’t get it up. My advice to you is to make sure you tell her that you’re a virgin and to make sure you’re ready to have sex with her. I know you’re probably pressuring yourself to lose your virginity but don’t place too much emphasis on the act and not the person you’re with. There does happen to be an emotional side to sex. I’m 19 myself and I didn’t lose my virginity until not too long ago so I know where you’re coming from with how you feel. Either way, it sounds like you’re a lucky man. Best of luck.

My two cents. Sounds like this girl is really trying hard to impress you with the fact that she is a total nympho and that she is brining another girl, why? As said before you have nothing to worry about size wise.

Not that it’s any of my business, but I am wondering if I am the only one here thinking this girl probably has some abuse in her past? most likely sexual? Just getting this from what you are posting Luka and experience.

Ah I had a dream about a threesome last night.

Dude if you’re going in there a complete virgin you must be taking some hardcore drugs for the big event.

Yeah I agree with delectric, get your hands on some Viagra or something just to make sure you don’t go limp after 2 minutes. Have fun!

Yeah, don’t fret about size. Start fantasizing about the incredible head you’re going to give her. Do your PE, but start your tongue exercises too. Practice flicking in out, up down, side to side. Get a pack of gum and chew five pieces at a time until your tongue and jaw gets tired. Learn as much as you can about a woman’s body. (I recommend this book.) Be open to sensing what she likes… A finger or two inside? Getting her nipples tweaked as you’re down on her? Licking her butthole? (Don’t be shy.) Just assume right now that you are going to rock her world. Fucking is part of it, but it’s more about how you’re going to give her more pleasure than she’s ever experienced before. Your confidence, caring and sensitivity to her desires will make her cum harder than another inch or two ever could.

Hey, Thanks for all the advise everyone. Ike, good advise and I’ll check out that book. I think I’ll do alright with the head.. Did I mention that I have a tongue about the length and mobility of one, Gene Simmons (The guy from KISS if somebody out there doesn’t know.) Can touch my nose, goes past my chin, and I can turn it sideways on either side.. So I guess God has to even everything out, so by giving me an average cock, he gave me an awesome tongue! And I found Thunders for the average cock bit. I’m doing the warm-ups as suggested, the jelqs, and the fowfers too. Feeling good about it, and even though I’m a newbie I have some advise for others out there when doing a jelq. When you’re jelqing at your house by yourself, and you can’t really control becoming fully erect, I’ve discovered that reading a book is like magic. I just lay it down in front of me and start reading while doing the exercise and my cock just stays the same size the whole time! I just got bored doing the exercise and I wanted to read my book so I did both and I had the best work out yet! Try it and tell me what you think! Thanks for all the advise everyone.



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