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Newbie asking for advice.

Newbie asking for advice.

I’m about 5.75 - 6” x “5.5 and I want to gain in length to my goal of 7.5” (is that asking too much?) Lately I’ve been wet jelqing for 10-15 minutes at 2-3 second strokes and I wanted to know what else I could do to gain in length AND If I stop jelqing will my added length slowly go away / will I slowly shrink back?

Thanks for any help.

I take it since your a newbie, you don’t want to hang?

Once you get through your newbie workouts, find out your LOT and start hanging. Hopefully your LOT is high so you’ll have a good chance of gains through BTC-ligament stretch.

Until then, You can still find out your LOT, if it’s above 8, do BTC stretches, if it’s below 8, work your tunica, upward stretching towards the naval-belly button.

If you cement your gains-you will not lose them. Some people lose their gains easily, some people don’t even need to do maintenance and keep all their gains. You just have to find out your self. Usually lig stretch is more permenant since once ligs are stretched, they are always stretched.


Hey tiger looks like he’s been aroung a little longer than you. Not really a newbie.

Hey npalmi88, do you not stretch at all? If not, I would recommend stretching every day. Or if you want to start hanging that will work as well. As far as the gains going away, that has been discussed much here. Do a search on it. Don’t stop and they won’t go away. That’s my plan anyway. I would say that if you stop too soon after gaining they will go away at least some. What amount of time is considered “too soon”? Your guess is a s good as mine. That’s why I am not considering stopping. It’s so much fun, why would I want to stop? Hope this helps.



I joined this forum in january. I have been doing PE workouts for a year now


Well, I really am a n00b, I’ve been a member for a while but just recently started serious PE, I guess I’ll start stretching because I don’t wanna hang.

And how do I find my LOT?

Edit: also I want to find out how to put an upward curve on my penis. I used to have a right curve when I was a kid and masturbated alot. But I just masturbated it out. Is that how I should do an upward curve? Masturbate it in?

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Never heard of someone wanting to make their dick curve. Most guys want to get rid of a curve. Don’t know how you would go about doing that.


I’m sorta new here too.. Could someone link me to or explain the BTC stretching and the tunica stretching? I’ve pretty much gained all I can from the ligament stretch according to my LOT, and I’m interested in doing the tunica stretching now.

Bib’s LOT Theory

Just a few to get you guys started. Do a search, there will be more info then you can handle.

Progress Tracking As of 01/01/05 : 6.5 BPEL x 5.25 G As of 04/08/05 : 6.75 BPEL x 5.25 G Short Term Goal : 7 BPEL Long Term Goal : When a trip to china and getting on the great wall means hopping on my member

Originally Posted by RoomToGrow
Never heard of someone wanting to make their dick curve. Most guys want to get rid of a curve. Don’t know how you would go about doing that.

You never wanted to piss around a corner? Or better yet, in the opposite direction you’re facing?

Maybe he is going to jail, and the only way he’ll get some is if he can bend his erect dick in and around the bars to the next cell.

So nobody knows how to curve a dick? I just want a slight upwards curve, I think it would look cool.

Well so far I’ve done the newbie routine 2 times, I just finished the second time. My problem is when I start to jelq I get fully hard, I can’t help it. Will I still see results if I’m jelqing fully errect?

Don’t do your jelqs fully erect, you could do some real damage. When you get too hard just stop for a minute or until the erection level drops and then start again.

Your dick will get used to being handled more as time goes on, it’s just a little exited about the extra attention it’s getting recently. :bigwink:

Good luck.

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Allright then. I’ll try and watch c-span or something while jelqing to keep myself from having an errection :P

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