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Newbie as of March 2007.

Newbie as of March 2007.

Just wanted to say hello, and give my results thus far. I’m an active, and healthy 25 year old male. (Not sure yet if that helps or not?)

I started my length at 6.2 now 6.8, and girth 5.0 now 5.6 I’ve been doing a newbie routine for only two and a half weeks. My routine is hot washcloth warm-up for 3 - 5 minutes, 3 - 5 minutes of stretches, and then a 10 - 15 minute wet Jelq, and then hot-rap again. It seems like this is working really fast! Overall really more than anything my penis feels alive! (Very healthy) This is a great activity, and I only wish I would have started this years ago.

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if you feel ready for it, adding a few min to the stretches and/or the jelqing every week or every other week should do you good. I’d still wait a little while before moving to advanced exercises, the last thing you want to do is overwork your penis and get no gains at all.

I do far more jelqing than stretching too, I just feel that the jelq is an amazing exercise. The importance of stretching is up to you as stretching helps length gains, mostly in flaccid hang but it does contribute to EL overtime. If you need something to help manual stretching I’d suggest a good ol’ cheap Captain’s Wench.

Welcome to the forums and good luck man.

Starting BPEL and EG 7 x 5 as of 3/30/07. I'm sure it's bigger now but I'll measure after this tub of vaseline is empty =) of 6/10/07 BPEL 7.25 and EG of 5.6 GOAL: 8 x 6.5...I'm on my way.

Thanks Capt. I’ll be sure to take it slow, and not over workout. I’m not sure how my post got messed up, but for the people wondering why the good Captain talked about adding more to my workout. I asked when it would be safe as a newbie to start doing more. This forum is full of awesome people with great insight.

If it’s working, stick with it. Only add to it if your gains start to slow. You are getting good results!

Welcome to the posting side of the forum.

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