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Newbie - advice needed


Don’t expect results overnight. All the good to moderate gainers on here have put in considerable time and effort and have been rewarded for it.

Good luck


Originally Posted by wibblebibble
Yeah thats true!

As for tntjockey’s comments I think your absolutely right. As for my length I don’t really know I would just like a size that wouldn’t invoke a reaction either way from a woman (of course it would be nice to have one that gets comments on how big it is but thats not realistic or the point). As I have said I think that I know my penis isnt the small so I would mainly like to see the girth go up a fair amount and any increase in length would be very much welcome.

So a figure .. I dunno .. 7” BPEL and 5-5.5” of relatively uniform girth. Cos at the moment I am sure that a very small part of my penis does on occasion hit not far of 4.75-5” in girth but the rest of it does not.

I guess I should measure it accurately and see if just doing some stuff in the shower each day increases it at all

I started PEing several months ago and still use the newbie routine, it’s a very good exercise and I have seen some good gains. I also don’t over do it and I think that is the key to my success. Do what you have to do and we will be here to support you and take your time PEing cause you don’t want to injure your dick.


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