Newbie ADS


I just started PEing 3 days ago, and I’m aiming for length gains.. I’ve read about ADS and how it can be beneficial for length, so I’m wondering: Should I make an ADS with Thera-Band, and start wearing it now that I’m just starting on PE, or should I wait a little so my penis gets accustomed to the exercises? If so, how much time should I wait before I start to wear an ADS? (Btw, I started with the Newbie Routine).

Excuse my bad english, it’s not my native language :(


START•INICIO ■09/16 BPEL: 16.5 cm, EG: 13.2 cm ■ *2 MONTH BREAK ■02/17 BPEL: 18 cm, EG: 13.7 cm

Goal•Meta: 20 cm BPEL y 14.5 EG. ☆☆DREAM•SUEÑO LOCO: 21.5 cm BPEL☆☆