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Newbie, ADS questions

Newbie, ADS questions

Hey everyone,

This is my first post here. I bought an ADS recently, (Andropenis) and have been using it for about 1.5 to 2 months. I followed the program religiously, and am now stretching at my erect length. ( For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, the program starts at 4 centimeters less than your erect length, and every set number of days you increase the rods by half a centimeter.) before I reached my erect length, I noticed I was getting an increase in flaccid length. Once I began stretching at my erect length it seems the flaccid gains have gone away. Worse, it seems that I have lost 1/4 inch in length! I can’t be sure though, I didn’t measure before I started, but I do know that my erect non bone pressed length is normally 4.75 inches. The last time I measured was probably around 6 months ago, when my weight was 165 lbs. I am now at 180 lbs. My height is 5”6’, if it matters. I’ve taken up a weightlifting routine and started watching my diet. I plan on getting down to around 150 lbs.

I’m definitely concerned, don’t know if I’ve actually lost 1/4 inch from the ADS or if I’ve covered up 1/4 inch with fat!

I’m also curious whether anyone has gained girth from an ADS. I am at 5 1/4 inch girth mid shaft, and would like to increase that, but I don’t want to do any of the jelqing or clamping or whatever. I just want to use the ADS. Anyone want to relate their experience with an ADS?

Thanks in advance!

You’re mostly going to get a length gain from the ADS, but you will get better blood flow and a marginal girth gain. Sometimes the penis will retract some to let you know that it feels injured. ADS is a very long-term thing… Make sure you aren’t over-doing it in the short-run, but make sure you do get in at least 4 hours per day. Other than that, make sure you are kegeling and whatnot to ensure good circulation.


Thanks for the reply matutinal_euphony, I have been following the program that came with it strictly. I have been wearing it 8 to 9 hours a day, and take breaks every 2 hours, as per the instructions. I feel pain, but it is mostly at the base of my penis, where it is pulled against the base ring of the devise. The pain has been getting worse as I increase the tension, but it’s not unbearable, and I can relieve it by moving the device around.

I was doing kegels, (4 sets of hold for ten seconds, relax for ten seconds; after the 4 sets hold for 40 seconds) but I stopped a couple days ago because I felt sore. It wasn’t real bad, but I didn’t like the feeling so I stopped. Oh, also I was doing the kegels every day. Should I resume but not do them every day?

Hey angrybunny. For future reference, please use the enter button to separate your block of text every few lines from now on. More members will be willing to read posts if you do that.

I am a big fan of using an ADS. Here is a thread detailing my experience ebay ADS review.

Thanks gigolo, sorry bout the wall of text, I didn’t realize how bad it looked without adding lines between paragraphs. Anyway, I got through the first 3 pages of that link, I’ll have to read the rest later, gotta get the kids to school.

I have more questions, I’ll finish the reading first though. Thanks again!

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