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Newbie. 12 months project.

Newbie. 12 months project.

Hello guys,

I’m a Brazilian 21 years old guy, and I will stay something near by 12 months without my girlfriend, because I’m in another country doing my post-graduation (Master).
I really want to increase my length and girth. I had no problems with my girl, she loves my sex, but I notice that in sometimes, when I a little bigger than my normal erection size she got more pleasure.

I just bought an Male Edge and a Jelq Device.
I already know how to Jelq, because last year I try this for 3 weeks and I have been read a lot.

Please, could you tell me:

What is a good routine ? 20Min Jelq (10min power jelq and 10min normal jelq) and 10h of male edge.. Is this routine good ?
I will start my exercises tomorrow and I want to know what is my increase expectation, now my size is (without press against):
14,6cm in length - 5,75”
11,9~12.2cm in girth – 4.7~4.8”

In 12 months.. What is the expectation ?
I want 8” of length and 6” in girth. But I know that is difficult to reach that in 12 months..

Please help me to boost my results in 12 months.

I think I am on the average of the average, I am correct ?

Thank you for the attention and help..

Sorry about my English.


Start with the newbie routine. I started with about your starting stats. I gained 1cm in girth the first 4 months, nothing in length. I have tried a lot of different approaches after that, but nothing more so far. so don’t get your goals to unrealistic. you might get disappointed:)
Right now I’m trying clamping, hope this will help.

God luck anyway!!! but start slow.

I`m on the verge of something bigger

Thank you, I will start slow.. 5min normal Jelq a day on first week (2x 1off). 10min on second week.. 15min on the third with 5min of power jelq.. And with one month the routine I sad.
I will post photos every week and I want to make some of video in the end of 12 months (1 photo / 8 frames).

What I soppose to expect ?

What I supposed to expect ?
With a 10% error.

Do you think 7”x5.5” is a good goal for this 1 year duration ? Or is improbable either ?

I forgot to ask, is Power Jelq really good for girth ? This seems to be so relative, some people say that is good, some not.

Originally Posted by pedromattos
Do you think 7”x5.5” is a good goal for this 1 year duration ? Or is improbable either ?

From what I’ve read, you get what you get. It doesn’t not matter how much you wish for!

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