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Hi everyone,

I am not too fluent with the lingo yet but here are my initial measurements:

BPL: 6.75
EG: 5.75

Goal: BPL - 8.** EG: 6.**

From what I have read about this is an above average measurement especially
In the girth department .Am I correct??

However in my eyes my dick seems to be fairly small or at least not matching my
Perception of myself, I have had ample females tell me it’s a good length and
That they love the girth and yet I am obsessed with the idea of enlarging my dick.
I just recently had a threesome with one of my budies and he was significantly
Smaller yet he sex with the girl and felt perfectly comfortable even though I was bigger,
I think I am going to have to become bigger to feel as comfortable as him

My first routine starting 07/12/05 will be:

Hot Wrap for a few minutes
150 reps dry jelg (I am uncircumcised and this seems like a natural excercise since
The foreskin acts like a lubricant)
100 jelg squeezes (these take some effort but I am definately willing to put it the work)
Hot Wrap for a few minutes

I will also do 3*25 reps of pc muscle squeezes daily

What do people think of this workout routine?
I will keep a log and really hope this works for me!
How soon should I measure again for results?

Thnx EVERYONE who reads and replies

Welcome bodadeous! Yup, you’re above the mean but toward the high end of average, which is cool. Those are great measurements to start with.

I, and I think everyone else here, would urge you to start with the Newbie Routine. Jelqing puts a lot of stress not only on your penis, but the surrounding tissues including ligaments, muscles, skin, and organs. Nobody knows how his body will react to jelqing until he tries it and it’s super important not to overdo it when you start out. It’s like going to the gym, you’re not out to prove anything and jumping into a routine your body isn’t used is likely to result in injury and discourage you from continuing because you won’t see gains as fast as you think you should. Some older guys can do 500 reps and clamping and erect jelqs and never have a problem, some younger guys do half a newbie session and find they’ve done to much and they get edema or sore skin or worse.

And when I mean worse, I do mean worse. There is so much that can go wrong; some guys don’t follow the rules and have really injured themselves enough to cause what may be permanent damage. Treat this like skydiving or swordswallowing or SCUBA diving. If you want to prevent permanent damage, follow the rules. A few thousand guys have been through this before and distilled from all that have come some awesome gains using various techniques, but also some very scary injuries.

I love Thunder :bigwink: but I don’t think it’s emphasized enough how important it is to start slowly and build gradually. Always ask before starting a new routine and go lightly at first in case your body doesn’t like it. As before, some things work for some guys, those same things can be very bad for other guys. I don’t mean to alarm you but you’ve got time, take it easy and don’t be impatient. Read everything you can and stick to the newbie routine at first. It’s been developed to give you the best gains while allowing your body to become used to the new stresses of jelqing. It wasn’t just thought-up one day and pasted. It took a lot of trial and error on the part of PE pioneers.

Thunder’s is a great place. The guys are genuinely friendly and concerned and it’s unique to find a place like this where guys just get together and hang out (sorry). Ask questions, use the search function, and hope we can help you out!

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Some good advice from Jason_Els there. I would like to recommend - Modified newbie routine since it is a much lighter routine then most routines and produce results in only 18 days. Read it and check out some of the gains people that have tried it have made. The latest guy, chobbs, gained 0,5” and the picture proof is on the last page of the thread.

Good luck!

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