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Newb w Questions

Newb w Questions

Hey Everyone,

I tried PE a while back, mainly jelqing for a few months. I didn’t really see any gains length wise; nor did I really measure at the time. I recently got some more privacy and free time on my hands and decided to get back into the game. I have read the newbie routine and have begun the process of conditioning myself. I also had the andro stretching device from my past experience which I didn’t like due to the noose, I purchased the VacExtender a few months before registering on this site and like it a lot more. I read up on the LOT thread and unfortunately, I think my lot is around 7:30, so it looks like I need to focus on the tunica in order to see any gains. My questions are as follows:

1) I understand that the V-Stretch and inverted V-Stretch work the tunica and ligs well; however, I am not sure the best way to really work the tunica. From the forums and enlargement guide, I am definitely confused. The V-Stretch in the guide says to stretch straight out and use the other hand to place pressure on the shaft; but in reading the comments in the LOT thread’s, I should be stretching upwards to work the tunica. Can someone point me in the best direction for working the tunica?

2) With the VacExtender, should I be stretching to the maximum that I can handle for a long period of time.or should I just stick to a couple of stretch sessions with the device for short periods of time? Also given my LOT should I only be stretching upwards?

3) Does ADS need to stretch really hard.or just keep the penis from turtling? Does it assist in erect gains, or just flacid look?

Any advice you can provide to assist in my gains would be greatly current stats are as follows: erect length 6 inches, erect girth 5 inches. I’m hoping that I can gain 2 inches in length and an inch in girth through dedicated PE over the future years.

1. Get a drum stick or use a finger for the v stretch. Then grab right below your glans, place the aid (finger or drum stick) somewhere perpendicularly along your shaft and pull.

2. I suggest just stretching to a comfortable length so that you are able to wear it for long periods of time, hence the name All Day Stretcher (ADS). The goal of these ADS is to get a little soreness from them at the end of the day.

3. It doesn’t need to be really hard but a slight stretch is encouraged for growth. Many think and have experienced that it assists in both departments over time. Do a search on westsidetoni.

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

Thanks for the more question. Regarding Jelqing.I was reading I think Mark’s log and he had mentioned that he finally learned how to Jelq got me wondering if I am Jelqing properly, or if I am wasting my time with my current method. Having played around with lock picking in the past, I now understand just how much a little pressure difference can make in certain situations. While Jelqing now, I always start with a warm wrap and my penis looks to be red prior to beginning; however after Jelqing for about 10 minutes with 3-4 second shaft jelqs, I notice my head gets a lot of blood as it is consistently red during the session, but my shaft doesn’t appear to have a lot of blood. Is this normal as during the jelq we are forcing the blood to the head.or should the shaft also remain a more red color? I am determined to practise PE with the best performance, and any advice on how to properly jelq with the best amount of grip pressure would be appreciated. Right now I feel like I am using a good tight pressure along with lotion for lubrication, but in the log posts, it stated that less pressure was actually working better and now I am in need of advice again.

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