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Newb s

Newb s

Alot of other sites I post or read that pe can cause internal scaring of the penis. Some say even that after you stop the scarring may cause you to lose size! They also claim you lose sensitivity when you pe as well.

I’ve gained alittle over 1/2 inch in bpel and alittle girth.
However I havent really seen any flaccid gains while I read people are supposed to get flaccid first so I wondering what that means, my flaccid length is usually between 3.5 and 4 and skinny. I do fowfers at the end of my routine but all it seems to do is cut off circulation and make it shrink. I usually sit on it for about 5 minz or so.

When you decondition do you stop just jelq or would I also stop stretching as well.

I’ve just been gettin worried everything tells me only way is surgery and I’m lookin for some guidance. I used to talk to Insane_man as he was my mentor but he has seemed to disapear after helping me every day for a week :(

I been peing for alittle over a month. My routine is more strech based. I do 20 minz of manual stretching, 1/3 down for ligs, 1/4 out, 1/3 up with a variation of plain stretch and v. Then I do about 120 jelqs split into 3 sections of 40 rotating hands. I warmup with a shower and warmdown with hot cup against my unit. Il find links to what I was talking about. I also only do it every other day feeling the extra time to heal may be worth it and safer.


I have been into PE for about four years now and I have had nothing but positive results. I cannot testify to 100% accuracy but I will tell you what I think. If you look at the penis like you would any other part of the body why would you think the penis would scar from naturally being worked? If you keep trying to do the splits, run a marathon or benchpress 300 lbs. none of this will “scar” your body as I know it. Your body can grow and become stronger so why not your penis?

You should be careful where you read things. Usually these come from paysite penis pills or pro-surgery doctors. Just something to consider.

-Tom “Naughty by Nurture” Foolery

"Yeah, we don't need another smart ass ... we have our share already." - ThunderSS

There’s no hard and fast rule that flaccid gains come before or with erect gains. I first noticed flaccid progress soon after I began hanging regularly.

1/2” BPEL and some girth in only a month is excellent progress. My advice is to stick with what you’re doing for a while longer.

Thanks for posts guys. Also if someone could address my decondtioning ? Id appreciate it. I read about it on this site but it says basically stop. I was wondering if you could continue with manual strecthes while stoping things like jelq or if you have to stop everything. I am planning to pe for another 3 months then considering “deconditioning” for a month.

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