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Newb questions

Newb questions

Hi everyone,

I’m new here and have a couple questions.yes I did search but sometimes you don’t get the proper results.

1st: question is.if I jelq for length will I lose girth?? Or vice versa if I jelq for girth will I lose length??

2nd: is once I’m at the size I want, will it stay that size and I won’t have to jelq any more?? Or is it like the gym once you stop ur back to normal size??

3rd: is I can have sex in the same day that I jelqed right?? Or will it be too painful or bad for my penis??

I’m not really trying to grow my penis but the head isn’t as pinkish/reddish as it used to it more of a I’m thinking if I jelq I can increase the flow to the head like it was when I was 18 LOL:P, I only want about .5 of an inch in length and girth is fine as it is now that why I was wondering if I jelq for length I would lose girth..

Thanks a lot for your help.

1. No, you will probably gain both, just if you jelq for length you will get more length and vice versa
2. You definitely need to “cement” your gains when you achieve them by continuing the routine for couple more months. As for “going back”, some people report that they lost their PE gains over a period of time, some people report that they stayed the same.
3. It’s not dangerous, “conventional” sex doesn’t hurt your penis in any way

BTW, please read the forum guidelines. Oh, and yes, I wish you luck on your 0.5” length&girth quest!

Thanks for the answer and my apologies for writing like an idiot.I’ll make sure everything is proper from here on in.


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