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Newb questions

Newb questions

1) Manual stretches are supposed to stimulate the ligaments right? I’ve just begun 3 days ago, so I may be making rash assumptions, but I don’t feel a thing.
A) What combination of manual stretches have the members found to be most effective. There are just so
Many kind that I’m not sure what combination would be most effective.

2) Just from viewing the videos in the newbie area.. I’ve noticed that the “guy” in the video uses an extra hand while stretching to add “extra tension.” If I squeeze something with just one of my hands, I can exert a great deal of pressure.. Is a 2nd one really necessary? Please expound on that principle.

3) Would it be considered unwise to lubricate while doing stretches?

Sorry for the questions. I just didn’t want to screw up.. And this p.e. Routine is a lot subtler than say, “working out.”

1) You may be stretching wrong if you don’t feel a thing. Are you stretching the skin and not the penis, perhaps? As for a combination, advanced stretches like V-stretches or inverted V-stretches are quite good when mixed with manual stretches. Not for newbies though.

2) A second hand isn’t necessary for newbies I don’t think.

3) Yes.

Looking for that magic 6" of EL...

Progress Report

Wait, I’m not supposed to use lubrication when I do my stretches before jelqing?

Makes things kind of slippery, doesn’t it? The point is to grasp the penis firmly and pull away from the body while maintaining the grip. I’d find that hard to do with a lubricant on my hand.

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