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Newb Needing advice bout LOT

Newb Needing advice bout LOT

Ok guys so I’m pretty new to this whole PE thing I have known about it for a number of years now and know what the basic exercises are but never really attempted them because I was younger and didn’t think I needed them. Well right now I’m 22 going on 23 and I know I have no more natural growth left.

My measurements are pretty average, NBPEL 6in (6.25 on a good day haha) and 5inch girth, and my goals are not drastic. I have no trouble with pleasuring women but I feel a 7-7.5in/5.5in would be ideal.

Any recommendation on whether I should pursue gains for both length and girth vs one then the other (and if so which to begin with)

Also about LOT I have read as much as I could find on these forums about it ( and I’m grateful for all the info) but I still have difficultly interpreting what it basically means. While standing, I feel significant tug when my penis is perpendicular to my body, and feel tug when it is pointing upwards, the least amount of tug is when pointing downwards, what exactly does this mean for me? I got the impression that my gains will be harder and what does it mean in terms of most effective exercises? I don’t wanna waste time with exercises that won’t achieve anything..

Tips are much appreciated! And sorry if my questions are were covered in another form on another thread.

Nobody goes by LOT theory anymore. Just ignore it and do the newbie routine.

My tip is clear the LOT theory out of your head and just focus on the newbie routine. I used to worry about LOT but you should do exercises that target the ligs no matter what until your gains stop coming in my opinion.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

Don`t worry about LOT. Carry on.

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