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Newb intro, reason for starting PE


My first motivations to do PE were also from negative experiences. I was also in a situation with a woman where I was made to feel inadequate. She had had lots of experience with guys of unusually large size, she preferred that. Basically she was a size queen. I could do everything else right in the relationship, in seducing her, in the bedroom. The chemistry was awesome and the sex was pretty hot. But I could really tell she really wanted a larger cock.

I took a few stabs at PE but never stuck with it. That was a few years ago. I haven’t been with her for years.

I’m here again, starting over, but with a new attitude. It takes a while, but I’ve worked on being happy with my situation. This time I’m coming to the table with positive motivations, not frustration and anxiety over feeling inadequate.

Easier said than done, mindshift and changes in contentment and motivation don’t come over night. When there’s that one girl that’s the girl you’re with right now, it’s really difficult to think about the other fishes in the sea for whom size is less of an issue. We want happiness and we want it now. You either want the right girl who will be happy with your size as is right now, or you want to immediately have the size that will please the girl you happen to be with right now. So when you’re in a situation that’s less than ideal you can’t just flip a switch and be doing PE from a happy place of positive motivation.

Speaking for myself, I think I will do better having a positive attitude and positive motivations. Where I was unlucky in the past to be trying to please a size queen with a barely less than average tool, since then I’ve been in a few relationships where size simply has not been an issue. It’s allowed me to work on other areas of my life: being better in the bedroom; better at seducing; even better at picking up. Just being a better person overall.

I’ve never had any gains because I never stuck with it. But now that I almost feel like I don’t even need any growth, I feel very positive and motivated to really make it work this time. There’s no pressure. The woman I’m with probably wouldn’t want to find out I’m doing this because, in her mind, there’s no need for me to increase the least little bit. In fact it could cause her worry as to my reasons why I want to do this, if not for her. All I can say to her is I make a lot of the correlation between PE activities and overall health and performance. And trying to convince her that if any gains occur at all they will be gradual and won’t bother her but mostly this is something I’m doing for me.

"That which is measured, grows." (author unknown, corporate slogan at Microsoft)

Your girth seems fine, like others said. If she can’t feel that, then she must have ridden some large dicks in the past. And I do recall that a vagina will stretch or shrink to accommodate if the woman is truly aroused. Though, I guess to arouse her you need to first reach her cervix. Seems like a conundrum. But it doesn’t hurt to have a bigger dick. I personally just like the exercises now and it’s fun to see the growth.


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