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Newb HELP!

Newb HELP!

Hey I’m new around here so this will be my first post, i wish it would be only to introduce myself but i guess there’s more i’ve been doing the newbie routine for about 2 weeks, but today when i stopped my jelqing session i noticed i had a bruise on my penis and some small ones around it :( it doesnt hurt..yet..and i hope it won’t..

What should i do?will the bruises disappear?im a bit scared…

Yes they will disappear. They were caused because you were working your penis too hard. Stop for a few days until the bruises are gone.

Sounds like you where either pulling to hard while streching or squeesing to hard while jelqing. If you have only been doing this a short while believe you said two weeks. Then take things slower and not as hard.

Also do not forget warm warm-ups before and also warm cool downs. Either use wash cloth in warm/hot water or the sock/rice. I use warm water wash cloth since I have a metal sink in my bath room and it keeps the water pretty hot for a while, while I do my routine.

Is it definately a bruise or a burst vein. If its a burst vein you should wait at least three days before PE’ing again. Never had any bruises but these threads discuss them:

2 bruise questions

Nasty bruises and stuff


Thank you guys! i feel much nicer now…i have to be carefull from this point on..don’t want to hurt myself anymore..

I think i’ll give it a rest until this heals properly!:)

Hey probe, while you’re resting please take a look at the Forum Guidelines. Try to use “I” when talking about yourself instead of “i”. See the second line of my sig. Thanks!

Ok sorry, my mistake! I didn’t notice I had used the “i” instead of the “I”,but still no slang used. :) eheh

Take care and thanks for the tip.

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