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Hello guys I’m new to the site and new to the exercise, I need to gain some inches.

As of now I am Hard 5”.7 Soft 3”.5
I think my goal is up to 8” it sounds like crazy, because that 2”.3 inches but hey I want to try.!
I really hope that with the help of all of you here I can achieve my goal, also do you guys use cream for jelquing, or lubricant.? What’s the best option- Does being uncut change anything.

Welcome to the club Ogonyc. There are a lot of options for lube for jelqing. Olive oil. Coconut oil. Water based lubes like KY jelly, Albolene, etc. Try different ones and see which you like best. Being intact shouldn’t make any difference for jelqing. Get familiar with the Newbie Routine and proceed carefully. Good luck.

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Welcome to Thunders,

The Linear Routine is definitely worth having a look at as well. A lot of people over do it at the start, and it’s not necessary… so take it easy, and enjoy the newbie gains. Also, read as much as possible.
Slow & steady wins the race.

Good luck :)

Starting Stats: BPEL 7.0¨ x MEG 5.3¨ (4th Nov 2015)

Current Stats: BPEL 7.75¨ x MEG 5.6¨ (16th Jan 2018)

The Dream: BPEL 8.1¨ x EG 6.1¨ (Not sure if the wife supports ¨the dream¨)


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