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Hey I’m new here and I have a few questions before I get started. First is baby oil a good lube. I also take Vyvannce For A.D.D. Will that affect me in any way. Also for a warm up would it be acceptable to use my relatively small bathroom and turn on a heater and then do my exercises in there?

Baby oil seems to be popular and I think there are a few threads around talking about lubes that actually heal the skin at the same time. For the warmup, I think something more direct is needed (rice sock, hot water bottle, IR lamp).

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I hear baby oil is good lubricant. As for warming up, I don’t think that will be as good as rice sock, heat pad, IR lamp or warm cloth because it won’t heat the penis directly and throughly. You need to heat the tissue deep inside and I don’t think that’s possible just by being in warm room. As for ADD medicine, I can’t help with that unfortunately.

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Baby oil will work ok. And I agree that a rice sock, or hot water bottle is needed for warm-up. In the meantime, spend some time reading and searching to discover what some of the vets have used. Good luck!

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Hi 6TO 8, And welcome to the Forum.

Well I’m no expert on this But it rather depends on how much this affects you. If only minor and you perhaps just have forgetful moments. And it does not affect you much in your normal daily routines. You shouldn’t have a problem.

Perhaps when you get on to more advanced routines you might have problems if you forget to stop (say) hanging or pumping which could cause some problems.

But that is in the future. As I say if you have few problems because you are taking medication then you should be OK with the Newbie Routines.. Just avoid long sessions

Regarding the Bathroom.
Again there should be no problem A small bathroom just needs less heating. Don’t get too near the heater. - for your own safety.

The only real problem would be if you have memory lapses and overdo the exercises. If so then keep a log of what you are doing. (Good idea to do that anyway)

Hope that helps; and Good luck in your quest.


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Baby Oil works great. I wasn’t able to find the kind with vitamin E in it when I bought mine, but I know they make it. So at the moment I’m just using the regular stuff, and it’s working out great.

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Thanks for the help guys and if I find any problems I’ll report soon as possible.


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