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Hey, I’m new to all this but I’ve been reading up on a few things and I want some opinions.
I’m not all too unhappy with my size, especially my length, but it could be bigger. I do, though, think I need a little more girth. I’m looking for a way to make a little gain and I’m not to worried about how long it will take. I want a method that’s low-hassle and something I can perhaps multitask with playing games/watching TV, but if that’s not possible it’s alright.

I read something about wrapping or clamping for girth gains, and I’m wondering what you all think I should do, if anything.
Thanks for any help.

Jelqing is the key. You can’t get into any sort of clamping, without serious risk of injury, unless you train your penis first, and for this you should do the newbie routine for at least a few months. Good luck! :thumbs:

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As Funderburke states, don’t consider advanced exercises like clamping till you have exhausted all the possibilities that manual PE provides. The Newbie Routine is simple and effective as a means to introduce your penis to the rigours of PE.

Happy gaining! :up:

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Starter Pics/Clamping Pics

How about those home-made power-jelqing contraptions I’ve seen?

Again, the PJ is pretty intense. See what you can do with your hands first before investing in hardware.

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Starter Pics/Clamping Pics


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After three month with the newbie routine you can start some easy advanced exercises, but for right now good luck with your routine. Manual jelqing is the best way to start.

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