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New Year Newbie Resolutions

New Year Newbie Resolutions

Hey this is my first post here on these forums and I guess I’m looking to change a few things in my life haha. I have a lot of good things goin for me in my life and one of them is my gorgeous amazing girlfriend and I guess and a big reason I wanna improve myself is because I’m afraid of losing her. Don’t get my wrong I wanna do this for myself but she definitely a factor. I started researching PE last month when I got home from school and I guess I just lucked into finding this website, this seems to be the first legit place I have ever run into concerning PE. There is a ton of sites out there that try and sell you everything imaginable but I already fell for that trick once and to no avail. So thank god there is a site like this with genuine help. So thanks in advance.

I started the newbie routine yesterday and I think I’m doing things correctly. I just have a few questions. (Please excuse my spelling) I have used the search function, but I figure a good way to get some posts in is to ask a few questions.

1. When Jelqing how much grip should I place on my penis.
2. The guide states that you should 50 to 80 percent erect, what happens if you can’t maintain that erection or you go beyond that percentage.
3. What if you accidentally ejaculate while jelqing, and how to prevent.
4. Should you do kegals every day
5. I’m also doing edging as well, when should I do edging before or after the newbie routine. How much time in between edging and the newbie routine.
6. When stretching should I pull to the point of pain or slight pain
7. Are there any products worth buying
8. Should I do edging on the same schedule as my newbie routine
9. And I guess the big one is when should I expect to see results typically.

I know that’s a lot of questions but I appreciate any help anyone can give me.

Welcome, flaros.

1. It’s hard to explain, you need to practice it by yourself. Start with loose grip then build the pressure up until you feel and see a good expansion. But don’t squeeze to the point of pain or discomfort.
2. Above 80% should be avoided; risking injury. 50% and little less than 50% concentrates on length, and almost flaccid will do nothing.
3. No big deal. You can continue if you can, or stop if you can’t. And time will solve this problem and give you more control.
4. No, take days off to let your BC muscles get some rest.
5. I think after is better.
6. Pain is BAD thing. No pain should be felt while doing any PE exercise. just need to feel a good stretch.
7. Right now, no.
8. It’s up to you.
9. No body can tell you exactly. You can see some gains from the first month, and it can take a year.

Nice thank you so much for the feedback

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