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New Year and a New Newbie

New Year and a New Newbie

Hey guys just wanted to introduce myself. I’m new to PE for the second time. About six years ago I jelqed for 1/2 hour each day and stretched for another 20 minutes or so religiously and gained 1/4 inch in BPEL and definitely a good deal on girth, but I never measured (didn’t know people measured it at the time). Anyway, I was 20 back then, now I’m 26. PE is part of my road back to glory. See, when I was in high school I was in super shape, addicted to weight training (I have a bit of OCD), that continued till I was about 22, but I still lift, just not religiously. I then got on another kick, I was sick of being broke, so I went back to school and now have a couple years left, I’m going for something professional (rather not say what or where to remain anonymous), but my shape has fallen off just a tad.

Anyway, I want to use my OCD to finish school strong, whip my butt back into shape (13-14% body fat, with a solid core of muscle underneath), like 7-8% body fat like I had like 4-5 years ago. Now to the PE part. My NBPEL is 6 1/2”, BPEL is 7”, and girth is 5 1/4” mid-shaft, pretty average, I know. I swear, I’ve lost 1/4-1/2” in BPEL since high school and another 1/2” from my NBPEL after I stopped PEing. Anyway, my goal is to do PE religiously over the next couple years and see what happens. Good luck to all on the board and thank you to the powers that be for opening up the site for new membership.

Hey Hardbody, welcome to Thunder’s!

You sound rather motivated, which is a good thing. Just be careful, start with the newbie routine, and make sure that the “I am going to PE religiously” turn out to be “oh shit I did too much too soon and now my dick is injured”.

With that said, I wish you happy gains!

:chicken: My chicken is on the path of becoming a big cock! :rooster:

Welcome abroad, HardbodePEer.
And I believe that 7”X5.1/4” is well above average, and you already have a nice size to start with.

Good luck with your future long PE journey.

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