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New veins causing leakage when jelqing

New veins causing leakage when jelqing


I’ve been jelqing for a few months now with moderate sucess. I have the technique down and I know what it feels like when I’m getting good expansion (kind of like a bubble in the front of the penis). I’ve been dry jelqing and my veins have been becoming more prominent.

I just noticed a couple days ago that when I jelq with my left hand (ok grip, thumb and index pointed down), I have this feeling that I describe as squeekiness. I think that’s the feeling of blood leaving the penis through a vein. That is coupled with the penis gradually deflating when it would normally be expanded from the jelqing. No problem when I switch to the right hand.

I also noticed that if I shift my grip clockwise by a few degrees (theoretically to close off this source of leakage) I can get the proper jelqing sensation.

Does anyone have a similar experience? Any comments?

As far as I remember what I have studied veins in the human body have valves (flap-like structures that maintain blood flow in one direction only). This is especially true and important with the veins in the legs. If superficial leg veins become larger in diameter for some reason (for instance people standing long shifts or internal veins get trombosed) then more blood flows/stays in superficial veins, they enlarge after some time and those valves became relatively insufficient because valves do not grow larger unfortunately when veins enlarge. Blood flows back down and condition worstens with the time. A lot of people suffer venous varicosis in legs.

Now back to penis.

I cant remember if veins in penis have valves for sure but I think it does. So in theory if you enlarge veins or have a valve rupture because of pressure force when jelquing you can have a leakage and wont have that firm erections anymore.

In that leakage case some people reported that Viagra helps with erection some (but I doubt it as I don’t see a mechanism how it can help) and rings might help some.

I think the more erect you jelq and more pressure you use the more risk you take to damage your veins. But in any case the risk is there.

Also it depends on individual. Some people are more inclined to develop venous varicosis (weak elastic tissue is somehow congenital).

I didn’t want to scare. Just to share my worries and knowledge.

I think this may have more to do with your ability to completely compress the corpus spongiosum (CS) with different grips and not so much to do with veins. Remember that the three corpora are not all connected. The CS (and the glans) are separate from the coproa cavernosa. Using an overhand grip as you do, there’s a potential gap between your thumb and fingertips which may not completely compress the CS. As you stroke, the partially occluded CS may have a path down one side or the other in which the blood flows causing the sensation you’re feeling. If you are right handed you may be getting a firmer grip with that hand which provides complete compression of the CS over your non-dominant left hand grip.

I’m going to chime in just to agree with West on this one. I get the same thing, krushed. Although I get it when I dry jelq with my right hand (I am left handed).


Well so far I havn’t had much problems with the erections so far but this is something new for me. I didn’t have this problem before. I’ll keep monitoring it. Thanks for the suggestions.

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