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New type of stretch

New type of stretch


This might sound stupid but it seems to work for me!!

I can definitely feel a stretch

I usually sleep on my stomach with one of those foam pillows (typical pillow it is solid foam not feather’s of foam pieces)under me to take the pressure off my back.

The pillow goes from my hips to my shoulders

Usually when I sleep like this I push my dick down between my legs. For the last week or so I pulled him up and under the pillow between the pillow and the mattress.
Then I slide down the pillow a little being careful to keep weight on the pillow so my dick doesn’t slip out and until I feel a slight pull on my dick.

I definitely feel a light stretch

I fall a sleep in this position and during the night when I move my dick obviously comes out so if I wake during the night I just shove him back under the pillow.

In the morning I do feel like my dick has had a stretch.

It seems to work and I figure every bit helps, I do have a ADS but I would never recommend using it while you sleep!!!

Bed Fowfer?

Okay maybe its not NEW!!

Just new to me sorry

No, bed fowfers are between your legs/ass while sleeping on your side.

I’ve never heard of this - not sleeping on pillows like you do, nor using it for PE.

regards, mgus

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Yeah, I originally misread his description. This is definitely something different and new, at least new to me.

Nope, Definitely not a bed fowfer. It’s interesting though. I would try it, since I hate sleeping on my side (which makes it nearly impossible for me to fall asleep doing bed fowfers). But it doesn’t sound very tall-friendly. I can’t imagine finding a pillow long enough to go from “my hips to shoulders”

The pillow doesn’t need to go to your shoulders it just needs to be comfortable to sleep on. I’ve slept on a pillow for years because of a stiff back from my old days of weight training.

Also I guess it depends on your flaccid hang and if you have enough to stuff under the pillow far enough to create tension.

I find in the beginning of the night when I first fall to sleep I stay in position for a hour or so, then I roll to my side. I can only stay on my side for a short period before my back begins to hurt and I wake up. So I roll back to my stomach and stuff my dick under the pillow and the process starts over again.

In the morning I definitely feel like my dick has been worked a small amount

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The Canadian pillow fowfer - CPF, or CPF-Blaster :)

Sounds like it may work might give this a try

Isn’t sleep supposed to be the time for resting the whole body, unit included?

The body is growing during rest.

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How about the Newfie Pillow Fowler- NPF


Because I’m From Newfoundland!!

pillowpullerpenisenlarger pppe

If it works it works! Sleeping on the job in a way.



This is a update on the instructions I provided in this thread.

Like so many people said here never let your penis turtle, this is why I started to use the pillow in an attempt to keep it from turtling after PE in the night time.

One important step I didn’t notice is after PE I apply hand or body lotion to my penis, I think this is a key item for doing the pillow stretch the lotion moisturizes your penis which helps stop it from sliding out from between the pillow and the bed.

I didn’t realize this until I missed a PE session before bed but I tried to do the pillow Stretch and it didn’t work as well as it usually did.

If any has tried the stretch and failed try it again after you apply some moisturizer to your penis.

I have often done bed fowfers with pillow-assist, and sometimes fall asleep with the pillow in position.

But, first I usually do the stretch described here:
BTC stretch variation needs beta testers
It’s discussed more starting with this post in this thread: Ike - Don’t Measure it, Weigh it.

Brian, I’m sure you’ve tried reaching back there and stretching with your hand while you’re in the stretch you describe. To me, it’s the closest a manual stretch can get to hanging. You can hold it in place for several minutes at a time, and by changing the grip and angle, focus on different parts of the shaft and ligs. It’s easy and not visibly obvious if you’re under a blanket. I do the stretch a couple nights a week lying there on the couch watching The Daily Show and Colbert.

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