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New to Thunders

New to Thunders

Hello everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself as I am new to thunders while not entirely new to PE. Several years ago I started up a jelqing routine because I wanted to see length gains, my routine was spotty and not dedicated and I saw no gains so I soon gave up. I recently decided to try it again but I made the mistake of jumping in too soon, and made myself a make shift hanger and started hanging 5 pounds and ended up hurting my unit.

Ha I realized I am an idiot and needed to take it slow, so I have spent the last month scouring over every bit of information I could on this site and it seems I have not even skimmed the surface. The amount of information and intelligent and knowledgeable individuals on this site is astounding. I am about one week into my newbie routine and I am already seeing an increase in eq and vascularity I have veins now that I swear I never had before, is that normal this soon or am I just seeing things?

My current measurements are BPEL 6.0 x EG 4.61 and my goal is to get to 7.0 x 5.0 is this realistic using just the newbie routine and if so any ideas on how long it would take would be nice but I know it’s different for every person. Well enough rambling, I just want to lastly thank everyone who helps out and posts on here you have no idea how much you help people out who read these posts! Thanks and good gaining!

I think it is realistic and could require two years of consistent work on average. It can be done with just manual exercises, but as They say ‘to each one his own’ (or something). Welcome on TP.

Welcome to thunders buddy, just go ahead slowly and you won’t b disappointed

You’re already ahead of the game with your name. Rocky III would probably gain 4” in a week. Too bad you’re not Rocky IV. Good luck and happy gaining.

Try and read a lot of other guys progressions and testimonies. You will get a lot of confidence from them. Some guys can get the one inch in length and quarter inch in girth that you want in six months, others may take a year. I think it all depends on how dedicated you are and how much effort you put in it to be consistent and do good work. Always challenge your penis and it will respond, I guarantee it.

By the way check out YGuys story, it’s one of my favorites and so is his routine.


Welcome to Thunders! Feel free to read through my progress thread. You have to start where you are and don’t get obsessive about measuring. Keep a successful routine and be positive. It is so important. Good luck on your journey!


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Thanks for the replies guys! I am definitely going to remain much more dedicated this time and I can’t wait to see the results!!

Albierto thanks for the link but it didn’t seem to work and I searched his name but I couldn’t find anything for some reason.

Houstonwoods I read your progress thread and it was awesome the gains you had so quickly! So all you did was 1000 jelqs a day and manual stretching and you gained 1x.25? And did it only take 2 months because that is incredible if it did! Any advice you could give would be awesome!

Lastly I have one more question, as long as I listen to what my body’s telling me and I don’t do anything that feels like it is hurting my penis, does more workouts mean more gains? Like if I do 1000 jelqs instead of 500 or 40 minutes of stretching instead of 20 does that mean double the results?

no, gradually increase!

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Sorry, doing this from my phone!

Sorry bout the link, don’t know why it didn’t work. If you want to find the thread, look up user IAMARU, find his posts, and locate his “small penis list,” he has the link to YGuys thread there, as well as some other good threads.

You want to start light and gradually increase because your penis will tend to adapt to your routine. So keep getting gains on what little you can then ratchet up the routine to get more gains. You will be able to milk more out of a routine that way. I noticed that after two weeks I started adapting to the workout (not sore after workout and no small red spots or doughnut effect), so I had to change the intensity of the workout a little. I myself like to take the workout to the edge every time so when I’m sore that evening or the next morning I know I did a good workout; kind of light weightlifting. Usually if I’m still feeling sore by the time I do the next workout I do a light, low intensity routine that day. I have found that if you juggle between heavy and light intensity workouts that I don’t really need any days off. Maybe that’s because I’m young also and my body heals abnormally fast.

I guess people have already said what I was going to, so I’ll just say this. Jumping into the more advanced techniques like clamping and hanging before exhausting the manual exercises is not a good idea. I thought a few months in I was ready to take the plunge, but this didn’t work out. I’m back to stretching and jelqing, probably for a while to, before I think about adding some new stuff to my routine.

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I will say that I have been active on Thunders for a little over 8months and I am still almost solely on the newbie routine and have made some really good gains, more than I had expected. So I would say take it slow man, read, learn, ask the questions you feel the need to. The guys here have been around and can and will help you out. Just stay dedicated to your goals and take it steady.

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Originally Posted by hung21
You’re already ahead of the game with your name. Rocky III would probably gain 4” in a week. Too bad you’re not Rocky IV. Good luck and happy gaining.

Should’ve been Chuck Norris.
But yeah, welcome mate and best of luck!

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