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New to thunders

New to thunders

Hello guys I’m confidence.
Like all you guys I want to enlarge my penis.
I have many reasons.
- I’m short, and many girls believe I have a small penis.
- I want to have the opportunity to satisfy any girl on the planet.
- I want a girl to say: “Wow,” when she sees my penis.
- I want to have a 8 x 5,75 inch big penis.

Today I’m starting out on my journey towards all these “goals.”

My starting stats as today is: (Haven’t measured the girth)

- 7,25 BPEL.

I will try to add a new photo each 3. Month to prove any gains.

Picture of starting size:

Hm I can’t post the picture, it says it have to be 800x600 resolution. Mine is 1600x1200, how can I make it smaller?


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