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New to this

New to this

Hey everybody :D this is the best birthday present ever! Getting an account on this fabulous site.

All I want to do for now is asking a few questions, and getting a bigger dick!! Yes sir! :D

First, lubricant
I am having some of trouble finding a lubricant that fits my needs, and still are easy on my wallet :p
Maybe I should try dry jelq or what? I tend to do my PEing in the shower so help me out here.

My second issue is warmup.
How important is this? I don’t want to harm my “greatpole of penetration”
And I am kinda lazy, and the methods I have used just doesn’t seem to work,
The subject tends to get cold fast, and I feel a little ridiculous doing it :D

My coals are just to please my girlfriend, and get a confidence boost :P

So please be nice, and thanks for the replies

Welcome to Thunder’s fredern.

I say dry jelqs work best for me. Very easy for overall size increases. Cheap lubes are olive oil.

Warmup is important especialy for newbies. It reduces the chances of injuries and etc. A hot wrag works pretty good especially in the shower. If not another is a rice sock.

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Hi welcome to the site, I’m a noob myself and I have the same goals as you. Whats your starting measurments?

You won’t find a lube that is much cheaper then a generic baby oil. 24 oz will last for years, and will be easy on the wallet. You do need to use soap and water for clean up after use of it, but it can’t be beat for lubricating.

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Welcome to the forum. Dry jelqs are great, do them anywhere and there’s no cleanup. I use store brand water based lube (KY jelly) if I use lube. Just a little bit works great, then a few drops of water will refresh it if it gets dry. As to your 2nd question, warm up is important. You’ll get better results and have less risk of injury. Good luck.

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Welcome! I am kinda a newb myself I use ky or baby oil and as far as the warmup If you have a hot tub that works great and you can do your stretches in there also. A nice soak in the hot tub will give you a great stretch workout!


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