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New To This World Of PE

Originally Posted by WantToBeThick
Welcome Rycbar. I’ve enjoyed reading Rootsnatty’s posts especially about water pumping. In fact I bought a water bleeder thingy off ebay for $18 so I can do it w/ my pump.

If I may ask a question or two. Are you involved in his PE? If so, how does it make you feel?

I think it’s great that you’re supportive. My wife knows that I PE, but she thinks I’m foolish for doing it.

Thanks for the welcome. He keeps a log in a journal for all the weights that he hangs and for how long he does it and stuff like that but he sometimes forgets to actually record it. So I keep my own side log with all the numbers in it, and then he can record them in his own. And I always ask him questions either because I’m curious or because it’s about something I don’t quite understand. I believe that that is the only involvement I have. But I’m glad to do it. I felt honored to have been told about all of this stuff in the first place and I don’t believe that it’s a foolish thing to do.

:) - Waves hi! My girls are on here too, nice to see more support for the men !

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Originally Posted by Girthgetting
Welcome! We love supportive and involved significant other here!!

Thank you! I like being supportive and everything here is just really interesting.

Originally Posted by oz
:) - Waves hi! My girls are on here too, nice to see more support for the men !

Well hi back :) I’m all about the support!

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