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New to this - stretching

New to this - stretching

Hi all,

I’m new to PE (doing it for 1 month) and just have a question. I’ve been doing some jelqing and have been noticing a slight increase in my girth, however I would like to concentrate on length. From reading around I’ve seen people are get better length gains from stretching.

Is a 30min stretching session, 2 days on 1 off, sufficient enough to stimulate some gains in length or should I do this in addition to jelqing?

Any help is appreciated.


Gains are not that easily predictable: some guys got length gains doing nothing else than jelqs, while gains nothing from stretchin but a little of girth. It seems mostly depends on individual specifities.

Stay on the newbie routine, and be happy for any gains you get, girth or length it be.

30 minutes is way too much for starting.

Jelqing is good too. Maybe you could split your stretching sessions twice a day for 15 minutes. 30 minutes seems like a long time. You could hurt yourself.

30 minutes of stretching? Good luck on that ;) . 5-10 minutes should really be sufficient and you can vary the newbie routine with the V-stretch if it becomes too boring. At least I did that. I have also tested rotor stretch but have not found this method valuable and also perhaps more dangerous.

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