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New to the site

New to the site

I have jelqed off and on for the last year or so. My problem is that I am too damned lazy to keep it up on a consistent basis. Can anyone tell me if they have tried the pills.

When I started jelqing…..I was about 6 inches x 4.5. I jelqued for about 2 months straight…..then I go every couple of weeks, maybe just twice per week……….I am now about 6.5 x 5…….I would like to get to 8x5 but I just can’t find the time. Any suggestions

Welcome to the board!

As far as time goes, you could always wake up an hour earlier to do your session.

I have the same problem but I think the only way to fix it is just keep on trying to stick with the routine. I haven’t tried pills but I read some posts from people who did and they didn’t get any results-

Pe is long term, and the use of pills to aid in your gains is something that will be looked at for sometime to come. There is no definitive answer as to if pill that increase blood flow helps gains! But one thing is for sure, if you want to see them gains you will have to develop your self discipline to routine and not try to look for an easy way out, pills will not help you here! Its hard, I know first hand. When I first started I was also hopeful for a magic bullet, but the only thing that has worked for me was hard work.


Thanks for the advice. I am a husband, father of one, and one on the way, plus I attend to school to complete my degree. I know that the jelquing works……just hoped to be a lazy azz and weasel out of the “hard” work!!

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