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New to the site, quick question

New to the site, quick question

Currently at 5.9 EL and 5.4 EG, I used a tape measure as my penis is curved upwards so it’s hard to get an accurate measure with a ruler. I have modest goals in mind, 7 EL and 5.75-6 girth. My girlfriend complains of jaw discomfort when going down on me, and seeing as how I love blowjobs, don’t want to overdo it! Lol. I’m going to be following the newbie routine and am taking it very easy for the first week.I’ve done 2 on 1 off, about 5 min warm up 5 min stretching 10 min jelquing and 5 min warm down.

When performing stretches, should I have a completely flaccid penis or semi-errect (as in jelquing)?
After I perform a PE session and proper warm-down, is it ok to masturbate? Or should I wait an hour or two to masturbate? Thanks!

It is recommended to avoid masturbation 3 hours after/before the routine. The stretches should be done flaccid. Welcome and good luck.

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Stretches should be done fully flaccid. I think there are different schools of though about masturbating though. That might just be a “whatever works for you” item.

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Welcome UM1991!

Whats up Ymerej Esouhtaerg!

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