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New to the Forum

New to the Forum

Hey guys my name is Billy, I just turned 18 and I started to PE about 2 months ago, my penis is 6 inches, is that a bad, or good thing, please comment everybody!

Hi Billy,

1. Turning 18 - Good thing.

2. Starting PE - Good thing.

3. 6-inch starting size - Good thing.

Welcome to the forum!

Thank you buddy ! I just needed to know !

Your still growing in all respects so your bodys building blocks should be able to repair your dick quicker than most. If you workout and stick to a good routine gains should come easier.

Welcome Billy,

I wish I started PE when I was 18. There’s no reason you can’t gain a lot if you get a good routine going and stick with it. In a couple years you could grow a really nice sized dick and have the rest of your life to use it.

Good luck


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