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New To The Forum - Pointers Welcome

New To The Forum - Pointers Welcome

Hey Guys,

I’ve dabbled over the years, but like many, lacked the perseverance to really make substantial progress. I’m serious and have been developing a routine that I can manage with my schedule.

I’ve pretty much dabbled in everything from jelqing, to pumping, to hanging, to stretching. I have tossed pumping to the way side.

What I’m doing now is I usually jelq in the morning after a hot shower. Then I attach my “all-day-stretcher”, however I don’t stretch all day, more like about an hour at a time. I usually wear it at 6:30, 9:30, 12:00, 3:00, 6:00. Sometimes only 4 times, sometimes only for 30 min. I’m using a ESL40 stretcher after starting with a silicone sleeve, clamp, and boot lace clipped to my boot lace. I was careful with the length I set it at. The ESL40 is a strap that hooks below the knee, and has a small adjustable bungee with a clip on the end. There is a silicone sleeve that has a clip on the tip and on the other end it is narrower and creates a slight suction and grabs the glans. This is really my go to device because I can wear it any time, any place. I track the length of the bungee from clip to clip, as it will loosen over time. I check it every morning. I take a break once a week, or whenever I feel real fatigued. I also alternate legs daily. It doesn’t create great suction, and I don’t have significant circulation issues when wearing for an hour. Two hours appears to be too long.

I also hang about once or twice a week. I use the ESL40 hanger cup, which has an eye on the end instead of a clip. I attach a (can’t think of the name) oval shaped metal clip to the end that’s tied to a weight. I keep the string a little on the long side. I have started with 2.5 pounds, and I swing the weight back and forth and in alternating circular motions. 2.5 pounds have stopped producing fatigue after about a month, so I am increasing to 3.5 pounds, probably soon 4.5 pounds. The manufacturer of the cup states he hangs with 8Lbs with no problem. I love it because it will not slip off. You have to be careful though to not wear it continuously for too long. I have made that mistake and the suction can get great enough to cause an issue with the first quarter inch of the glans.

I’m thinking of adding clamping to my routine, because length is not my primary motive. My stats are 7” x 4.5”. I really need girth. Breaking the 5” mark is really what I want. My goals are 8” x 5.5”. I’m hoping stretching will add a little length and give me some greater base girth.

I would welcome any tips or suggestions on how to improve girth. It gets a little frustrating because it seems like when jelqing, the base of the penis gets much less stress and not getting the attention it needs.

Hi Kane,

Sounds like you are throwing the kitchen sink at the problem, which is generally the response of people who have found their growth diminishing to nothing. As that’s not how you describe your journey thus far, I’m not sure you are approaching this the right way. Yeah, sure equipment can be useful for some people but starting simple and with great consistency and then building up over time is probably a better route. Maybe you need to start in with something greater than the Newbie Routine but then again maybe not. 20 minutes consistent PE a day (with rest days) is much more likely to produce results than doing everything possible for many hours and then giving up again in a month.

Welcome to the posting side.

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Well, I’m not really throwing everything at it, I just find that the ADS is easy and simple, and perfectly concealable. It feels a lot less like work. I enjoy stretching and hanging. A small hang set doesn’t set me back much in the way of time. I just get up a little early. I think the time constraint piece is what messes up a lot of people. Perhaps I need to focus on a more structured jelq routine that focuses on girth. 1/2” of girth should be attainable.

Originally Posted by memento
Hi Kane,

Sounds like you are throwing the kitchen sink at the problem, which is generally the response of people who have found their growth diminishing to nothing.

Isn’t that the truth. Too much can be way too much.

Got an traditional extender (pro-extender) to check it out, possibly add it to the stretching arsenal. What a piece of garbage. Who would want to frig with that thing to get it on and off. TRASH. I’ll stick with the ESL40.

Now, instead of doing much jelqing, I’m just doing Ulis and kegels.


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