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New to the boards & Reasons for PE

New to the boards & Reasons for PE

Hi all,

After 2 weeks of lurking, combing these boards and learning about PE and routines; I’ve decided to start a PE routine. I’m overwhelmed by the successful gains and the strong support of the community here.

I’ve never felt insecure about my penis size until I started having sex with my new girlfriend (about 2 months now). I haven’t been able to bring her to climax yet. I am of average size and although this has never been problem with previous partners, I believe size is culprit here.

*also the perverted part of me wants to feel more of myself inside her pussy because sex feels so damn good.

My start is
6” bpel
5.25” eg

Goal is 7.5 X 6

Cheers all!

Welcome to Thunders pingpang!

Good luck on your way to the 7.5 X 6!!

Welcome to Thunder’s pingpang!

Nothing wrong with wanting a bigger wang for yourself. In fact, that should be the number one reason. Either way, good luck on your progress, and keep us updated!


Welcome to the forums. Let me just say in reference to the orgasms that it is most likely the girls problem and not your penis. Like you said, you had no problems prior to this. Good luck!

Hey, thanks!

Philadelph, you’re right. It won’t hurt to PE though. She’s has one of those vaginas that need a “deep dickin’” :)

Welcome Pingpang,

You’re starting with a good size. I’m sure you’ll do well. I agree with Philadelph that the problem is hers and not yours. We tend to blame ourselves if our partner can’t reach orgasm. Good luck with your routine. By the way, would she respond better if you went down on her? Just a thought.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg



I’ve tried going down on her many times. I think I’m quite good at it. It arouses her but does not bring her to climax.

When having sex she pushes my torso into her so that I penetrate further. To me that’s a sign that she needs a longer wang.

I’ve started mainly on the newbie stretching routines and a little bit less on Jelqs.


>When having sex she pushes my torso into her so that I penetrate further. To me that’s a sign that she needs a longer wang. <

..or possibly that she’s enjoying herself?

If she starts preparing microwave snacks and flipping TV channels, whilst filing her nails and chain smoking you probably have a problem.

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