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New to the board, some comments

New to the board, some comments

Hey whats up? I got this link from another board and have been doing the newbie routine for about a week. I first found out about PE this Spring. At the time, my penis was average in length (around 6.5”) and decent girth (4.5”) So I decided to do basically nothing but manual stretches (had no idea how to do jelqs) and in a month’s time got my unit up to a little over 7” bone pressed and didn’t measure the girth (I had no means to measure it) However, I stopped due to some reason I can’t even remember (a lot of homework, not a lot of private moments, perhaps) so I lost some of my gains. I then found out about PE’ing again and am ready to get the perfect dick: 8 x 6. Then my ultimate goal is to get 9.5 x 6.5. Quite a lofty goal but I got a lot of free time and am ready to do what it takes.

So here’s my initial measurements:

Flaccid Length: 4.1”
Flaccid Girth: 2.7”
Erection Length (NBP): 5.75”
Erection Length (BP): 6.75”
Erection Girth: 4.6”

So obviously girth is a little small. So I’ve done the routine for a week and I got a question:

When I’m done with the routine (I do it all at once, including wraps before and after), what happens is that my flaccid is basically as long as my NBP Erection for maybe a half hour. After that, it gets really small, smaller than my usual flaccid length. Whats worse is that for at least 6-8 hours my libido is shot and am unable to get an erection. However in the morning I’m always waking up to morning wood and after that 8 hours, I have no problems getting erections. Is this typical with newbies? Also, today is my rest day so I figure I’d masturbate (not enough time with college, lifting, pe to find a girl right now, with midterms coming up) and afterwards, my unit is sore. Is that because of the pressure I’m giving it when masturbating or what do you think could be the problem (if there is one)? Maybe I should reduce the pressure but I’m just curious if it could be something else.

Thanks for all of the help and I hope I get the size I want in 2-3 years.

Loss of erection happened to me when I started. It got back to normal in 2 weeks.

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