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New to stretch help pls


New to stretch help pls

Can i stretch at 90% erection and also can i twist my penis around in a clock motion while stretching it out or just ? i heard that the best position is downside

No you don’t stretch or twist an erection in any position, especially when you’re just beginning. Where did you get that idea from?

i mean moving around my penis in clock motions doing circles while stretching it out. I have already 7 months of jelq with no days off sessions of 1hs+

7 months of jelqing for 1 hour a day with no days off. Not to be rude but don’t you think your dick needs a rest? As for moving your penis around in a clockwise motion you do that when you stretch and are not erect.

i hate to train at low erection levels , should i really do it that way ? any consequence

You cannot train your penis as you would muscles. That’s how damage occurs. Why not take a week or two off and get back to work but on a lower level. You are cruising for an injury.

is 1 month of break enough ? when i roll back my foreskin i see a vein pressing like a tourniquet , im in the first week of rest already , what do u recommend im pouring antihemorrhoidal cream and doing slow massage

No I would say just leave everything alone for at least another week….or two.

Don’t stretch erect at all

Jimmy , should i be worried about it ? will rest mend it

Hell if your dick hasn’t fallen off by now with all you’ve done it must be made of iron. No I wouldn’t worry but I would rest and cut your routine down to 25 minutes 5 days on and 2 days off. You may find you’ll get better gains that way.

22pm + porn + <1h wet jelquing +100% erection = wintergates’s iron penis .Now to make it clear is this a thrombosed vein or its just product of excess of preasure


I think he means excess pressure rather than excess pleasure.

If the vein is protruding and hard to the touch, and doesn’t go away whether flaccid or erect, then it’s probably a thrombosed vein. If so you should use heat and gentle massage to increase circulation until it improves. I had it once, noticed it immediately, and resolved within one day of massage, but it can take up to a few weeks. Mine was in the same area, near the glans, and it was a small area. Do not panic, the body will naturally heal it over time. It can be more serious if it is the main dorsal vein going to the base of the penis, but yours sounds relatively small and superficial. Massage it, heat it, encourage circulation by gently edging. It should pass on its own. Don’t do PE until a couple weeks after it passes.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

im doin some stretches and its workin great because all i did since i started pe 7 months ago was pure jelq i think the stretching is good for circulation lol im takin venotonic pills

for circulation , i have 1 week of rest.

I have another question , about the warm up , can i put my peniz in hot water to wam up before jelq , i have 7 months of jelq without warming up and down big mistake i think

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