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New to site but not to PE

New to site but not to PE

This is my first post.

I’ve been interested in PE for the first 4 months of this year messing around with cheap ebay extenders and general pulling here and there. I noticed a small gain in a few months but nothing big .I started at 5.5 length NBP and grew maybe .25 after 4 months.. Mid summer I got more into it and put more stress on my wang, didnt know what I was doing still. Now that I have discovered this site and looked into techniques and routines from august to now I have averaged a growth of 1mm per day. I have no life really, haha. I go to school and study hardcore at nights, thats when I do my exercises. I was also able to hang 10lbs to start off with since my junk was used to the abuse. Right now I am using hanging with different positions and also I do weak yoga moves when I do. At the end of the move when you hold the position I jelq for as long as I can. I noticed moving your legs in different positions and torso stretches ligaments a little bit better than just regular hanging and jelqs. I also use a pump right after I hang, I can hold it pumped up for about 20 mins then jerk just for shits and giggles.20 minutes later I do the same. When I hang I use a static stretcher piece from and use hose clamps (switching to muffler clamps soon) to keep a firm grip. The plastic piece is really thick so it can handle the weight. After my dick gets sore from hanging I go back to my cheap ebay extender which uses a plastic hose to hold the tip of the dick,. I use that just to keep it extened for about an hour. Then I pump and jerk :) I have done this almost every day since august and I have seen my dick get .5mm-.1mm bigger in my pump (it has measurements in cm on the side) on a nightly basis. My girth went from less than 5.. I really don’t kno.. To 5.25. My current NPEL is 18 cm which is 7.1 I think. NPB is 6.5. Also my penis used to hook to the left and down.. Probly because I used to jack off in a weird way through my teenage years haha. But I switched hands and when I used my cheap ebay extender I put a piece of hard plastic in the rod extenders so my penis could hook under it to build a upper curve. All that combined I have a slight hook to the left now compared to a good size one. And it’s more straight than before but still hook down. Sorry about the rant, I use adderall to help me study and if anyone has tried it it gives you a “IT MUST BE DONE” mentality.. I guess thats y I’m so dedicated to this. And my ex left me in may and I want to bang her sister like theres no tomorrow as revenge one day with a 8x6 dick.. Any thoughts?

Guys will be telling you that you are over training in a big way. And they will be right.

However: You are gaining consistently from it, so it is working for you. Just be as careful as possible to not break your pee-pee.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Keep doing what you’re doing, its obviously working. Congrats on the gains.

Originally Posted by hooker666
And my ex left me in may and I want to bang her sister like theres no tomorrow as revenge one day with a 8x6 dick.. Any thoughts?

Yes, how is that action going to do your life any good?

I have noticed a few new members that might be overtraining, reading their PE routine I realized they want to get really big in a short time and the only thing that comes to my mind is INJURIES, so take it easy before you break your toy, how you going to bang her sister with a hung flaccid penis ?? Makes no sense to me, even if you have plenty of time to do PE that doesn’t mean you going to do it all day, the real gains comes from resting, good luck and good gains

Start BPEL 5.5 EG 5.2 09-20-2011

GOAL 7x6 - on a 5'5 guy it will look huge

I’m pacing myself pretty good I think. I’m not just jumping in on this I have done PE for the last year but I didnt know what I was doing. The only injury I have had was last week, I over tightened the hose clamp too much and it bruised the side of my penis for 2 days, I took it easy and just did some other stretches that didnt involve the bruised part that much. I bought a heat pad and I’m going to try it out hanging and extending.I also bought a muffler clamp at the auto store. I don’t know if you guys know but the hose clamps have to go on first before anything else cause they don’t open. Having foreskin rub up on metal clamps with holes in it is not comfortable. I bought the Bib hardcore hanger, that should come in soon. Ill keep you guys informed. Yea I was on an adderall binge writing that.. Sorry. As for banging her sister, it’ll make me sleep better the night after I do it. "Sometimes we know what the right thing to do is, but if we do it.. It just wouldn’t be us”

Has anyone had any experience doing leg stretches while hanging? More specifically yoga moves. From what I’m seeing (and feeling) that helps out a lot, I feel the jelqs more potent like that. Theres this one move that I have done with lower weight that stretches all the muscles in the torso, chest to the abs ending with the ligaments of the penis. I havent done it 11lbs yet but I’m getting there. I also started using ADS? Or ABS? That leg strap that keeps tension down.. Ill remember it in 5 mins.. I wore that for 5 hours today and it didnt bother me. I guess I’m doing everything right I just need time. I figured at the rate I’m going I should reach 8in BPEL by mid-end december. I was looking at sayains22 post, even though it sucks what he was doing I do believe he was committed hardcore to PE. In the long run I would want something like his measurements but I’m in no rush. 8x6 before spring is what I’m shooting for

I’m also a believer of muscle confusion (p90x exercise routine) I change up my routine every week and try new stuff. I used to be a body builder and what I noticed is once your making some progress you have to keep going harder for a bit and then step it back a bit but still do exercises, kinda like muscle building intensely 3 times a week and putting cardio in your workout a 2 days of the week.

Questions? Comments?complaints?

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Potential injuries are one thing…actually the biggest deterrent for me not going too hard even now that I am much more condiotioned. But from a growth perspective, too much too soon only toughens up your penis and stunts growth. I know you mention you have been at it for a while but if your dick responds to moderate PE why go intense?

I am skeptical of gains from members who say they grew 2.5” in 1 year. It takes time. Saiyan was at it for 2 years and he grew 1 inch. The second inch he is after won’t come any easier. It takes time. It’s a long term project which is why most quit or say it doesn’t work.

Current (Sept 15, 2011) BPEL - 7.6 MSEG - 5.8

Goal 8 x 6 (preferably NBPEL)

If I look back at it in january I was 5.5 for my NBPEL now I’m a little over 6.5. I’m still gaining a pretty good amount on a weekly basis, the only set back was that one bruise cause of the clamp. I don’t record anything down I go off memory and what I see on the pump, I remember last this last month I was at 17.2ish cm now I’m 18.1-18. I just tried my routine with the heat pad and I was able to hang for 40 mins instead of my usual 20. There wasn’t any pain or stress just a firm pull. I don’t think I go to fast, I mean I know I increase weight about every 10 days but I do stretches within those days on a nightly basis for hours getting the most of the weight. I think I’m taking a little bit of different theories and making something new, all this is accidental of course I really have no idea what I’m doing. All I know is yoga is a bitch on your muscles and ligaments all over your body, and if you can focus certain stretches around your dick ligs something must happen. I think I capped out on my static stretcher at 11lbs, it starts to slowly slide even with all the clamps, maybe I need a tougher sleeve. Until my bib hanger can get here next week I have to do the most with 11lbs. I’m sure I’m doing something very wrong and at the same time doing something very right. I’m gaining and growing so that works for me.

Hooker, I’d put a space every 4 or 5 sentences - even less if sentences are long. People tend to skip blocks of text, so you’ll get less feedback if you don’t use paragraphs often.

About your routine, I’d keep things simple, without mixing too many things. What I do see is that people who gained the most have used one or two techniques at time, just they were very consistent. Not saying your routine can’t work, of course, just offering some info.

Info is always welcomed. I go on rants and click the post button without reviewing what I wrote, bad habit. I’m thinking of going on extenze for a bit just to see if it does anything with PE.

Originally Posted by hooker666
Info is always welcomed. I go on rants and click the post button without reviewing what I wrote, bad habit. I’m thinking of going on extenze for a bit just to see if it does anything with PE.

I tried some externes just for curiosity’s sake. I didn’t notice any difference, but then, after reading the ingredients list, I discovered that I was already cycling most of the herbs it contained.

2 days ago I was doing some stretches, using my bed and chair as a prop, my legs were on the chair some how the whole chair slipped like 3 feet away and I had to catch myself from falling with 11lbs hanging. I didnt fall or hurt myself but about 5 minutes later my junk felt really sore, like I been hanging all night with 11lbs. I took a 2 day break and it’s a little better. I’m gonna to start again tomorrow with 10lbs to be safe. Needless to say this weekend got ruined.

It Must Be Done!


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