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New to Site and my worries.

New to Site and my worries.

Since I have never done anything of this sort before I’m worried that it can cause problems.. So me erect now is in the 8in range. My fear as if I have significant response to these exercises I will be too big. I know some girls are scared of size to much bigger then what I am. I hear many girls say o it’s perfect and they enjoy my penis the way it is. What are your opinions is there a downside to being even bigger then what I am now. Or has everyone just had good experiences in dealing with size increase above 8inches. Thanks for the input.

What is your girth? Your length seems fine.

Some girls might have problems with sizes that are a bit bigger than average.

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Coke can girth

Too much length can be a problem, you can never have too much girth. I mean just look at the Diet Coke can in the ass thread. Just don’t download any pics.

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Is that length pre or post PE

Pre I have never done this before I just happened to see this site from someone posting it on I read that information as well it sounds pretty easy and what not. I could probably get my girl to do most of the work for me. But then it might be hard to not be fully erect we shall see.

Not sure of girth I have never measured it. But I’m 6’2 250lbs.. And trying to get my body in shape so I figure the penis is part of the body and I should go ahead and get that to max potential too.


My suggestion to you is this, read read and read some more here. Then follow the newbie routine. Your length is good, and yes some women (myself included) don’t want anything over 8 inches in length. You need to measure your girth to see what it is and then decide.

As a warning however, your penis is not like the rest of your body in structural makeup, so do be catious but have a go at it.

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Well what would you say is a sufficient girth for you or at least a very pleasing one to you for example and if you don’t mind give me your body size and type.

You’ve got the 8 [length], now go for the 6 [girth] for the iconic 8*6.

Don’t know girth? Get a string, get some wood, wrap string around wood, mark the point of overlap, lay on a ruler for girth measure.
Simple enough.

Otherwise go out and get a tailor’s tape measure tomorrow- any notions or sewing shop.

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There are women that will always complain no matter what the deal is. Over 8 is pushing it somewhat, but if you want it bigger…find a chick that can take it.

Definitely go for the girth though!

Sounds good to me.. Ill try to do that tommorow I’m at work right now. I have to get a ruler too though.. We shall see I will let you all know asap.

I think that you are right to be concerned about adding more length.

First, we make a distinction here between measuring “bone pressed” (BP) and “non-bone pressed” (NBP). Non-bone pressed is where you measure along the top of the shaft from tip of your dick to the point that it meets your pelvis, or your “fat pad,” without pushing into the fat pad covering your pelvis at all. Bone pressed is where you likewise measure along the top of the shaft from the tip of your dick, but this time you press the ruler all the way into your fat pad, so that you are effectively measuring from the pubic bone.

NBP measures the visible portion of your dick, what you and women and everyone else sees. Ultimately, this is what we are concerned with. However, we focus on BP measurements during our PE activities, as this form of measurement will give a more accurate account of any gains a person makes. Our fat pads become thinner and thicker, depending on diet and exercise, etc.

So what are your BP and NBP measurements? Also, as others have asked, what is the circumference of your erect girth? Get a piece of thin string and measure it!

If you are already 8” or more non-bone pressed, then my advice would be to work on girth only, depending on what your present girth measurement is. The problem with having more length than this is that fewer women are going to be able to take it all without experiencing discomfort. From everything I’ve learned here and elsewhere, 8” of exposed dick is already pushing it for many women! I don’t know about you, but I want to thrust all of my dick into a woman, not just a portion of it.

Even if you don’t want to add more girth, doing exercises like jelqing and light stretching is good for the health of your penis. It can also make your erections stronger. These exercises, along with clamping and pumping, can also make your flaccid size (both length and girth) bigger. So there is a lot that you can gain from PE, in addition to extra length.

By the way, welcome to the forum! :)

The methods discussed here are not just about size: there’re tons of cool info everywhere, you just have to dig it.

For example: there are methods for lasting longer in sex, having better erections, some cool tricks to give your partner orgasms, etc.

Good luck!

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