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New to regular PE, routine advice

New to regular PE, routine advice

Hi everyone,

So I have been a lurker for some time but I have finally gotten organised enough to start a regular-ish routine. I have tried extenders in the past but I haven’t had any luck.

My measurements at start are 6.5-7” length (depending on erection strength) and 5.5” girth. I am aiming for 7.5” length and 6” girth for now however I will see how it goes.

My current routine is pretty basic. I have a brief warmup of 5 mins of flacid stretching, followed by 10-15 mins of jelqing. At the end I do 5 minutes of squeezes/ulis. I also do kegels whenever I remember to. I am currently doing PE 4 times a week on average.

How will this routine fare for the next 3 months or whatever? I don’t want to injure myself so I have been taking it slow. I started about 1 month ago and I have noticed a better flacid hang but I’m not measuring again until the 3 month mark.

Cheers for the comments guys,



Welcome to the club: you are on the right path!

Just skip the squeeze/uli’s, because these are exercises for are more conditioned penis.
And they can be used for specific goals, but are rather risky at the very beginning.
So definitely a no-go or better said a not-recommended!

My opinion:

Stretch and jelq are the ingredients of the Newbie Routine as often cited in TP.
Kegels are a perfect addition to the Newbie Routine in my eyes and will be beneficial to EQ.
Just don’t do a ‘fast’ warm-up, but rather a solid warm-up with rice sock or heat pad.
And don’t forget the warm-down at the end. It’s beneficial too.

Going slow at the start is not a wrong decision. Start on intensity scale-up first.
5 min stretch and 5 min jelq for the first weeks is fine. On a 1on/2off schedule.
After one month, you can upgrade to 10min stretch / 10 min jelq, still on a 1on/2off schedule
Then after another month you do 15/15mins on a 1on/2off schedule.
Watch your PI’s and keep a detailed logbook.

After 3 months, start playing on the frequency upscale.
Stay at 15/15mins, but change from 1on/2off to 1on/1off.
Then after a month to 2on/1off,
The to maybe 3on/2off.
Vary your frequency, but IMO keep at least 2 days in 7 as rest days.

Basically it’s all about finding the best growth “zone” and then stay in it!
As simple as that…

Measure monthly and as long as you are gaining, don’t change the ingredients of your routine.
And forget the 3-month limit. Simply keep the routine as long as you are gaining with it.

Be committed and patient and success will come.
And resist after the magical 3 months to change the routine simply because you think you made it over the Newbie limit.
Never change a winning routine!

Happy pulling

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Cheers Richard, I’ll take that on board :)

Welcome to TP.

Pre PE: 5/8/04 BPEL 6.25" EG 5"

Goal: BPEL 7.5" EG 5.5"

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