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New to PE

New to PE

Good afternoon guys. I started on and off with PE exercises and found to be it quite skeptical based off the research I conducted. I, like everyone on this site wishes to get more gains. While I am not small, according to my ex, I wasn’t large enough for her even though I am well aware that I am around average. I would like to be a lot bigger, better and encourage others to join as well. My goals are 7 1/2 in length and 6 1/2 - 7 in in girth. Here are my stats

3 1/2 in - 4 in flaccid (length)
3 1/2 in flaccid (girth)

5 3/4 in - 6 in erect (length)
5 1/2 in erect (girth)

My exercises consist of


(X2) Up stretches (30 secs)
(X2) Down stretches (30 secs)
(X2) Left stretches (30 secs)
(X2) Right stretches (30 secs)
(X2) V stretches (30 secs)
(X2) Reverse V stretches (30 secs)
(X2) Behind the Legs stretches (30 secs)

100 wet Jelqs (50; 3 second strokes with both hands)
50 Kegels

200 wet Jelqs (100; 3 second strokes with both hands)
50 Kegels

Now I do have a couple questions as well (beside the routine of course)
1. Would it be better to use baby oil instead of Vaseline? I’ve heard to be more comfortable?

2. Because I rush for work and am too tired to do it when I get home, I occasionally apply heat, however, I’ve heard that heating is one of the most important parts, is this true? If so, what’s the best way to heat? I use a sock that I wrap around but it cools too fast

3. Pumps, do they really work?

Thanks in advance to all that leaves constructive help. I’ve always wanted to be bigger but was embarrassed. Now that I see that other share the same goal, it isn’t that bad

1. Olive oil or coconut oil are good choices. Baby oil dries the skin and has some components I wouldn’t have in my urethra.

2. An IR lamp, heating pads, or even an hair drier.

3. There is no reason why pumps shouldn’t work, they mechanically stretch the penis. Pumps are more tricky to use for gains than other techniques too, because most of people do too much with them.

Are the workouts good enough?

I think they are ok. I would do 2 on /1 off.

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